Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shadow People

Have you ever seen a shadowy figure out the corner of your eye? Is it your imagination or real? If it is your mind playing tricks on you, how come other people have claimed to have seen these dark figures?

What are they?

What’s going on?

When my parents were married, they were the directors of the UFO Investigator’s League in Fairfield, Ohio. Not only did they investigate anything that had to do with UFOs/extraterrestrial, they also took on paranormal cases and Bigfoot sightings as well. So I basically grew up in a household that dealt with the unknown, and we’ve had our fair share of personal experiences. One of them were the shadow person.

I saw a similar post on shadow people, and the same theories apply now as they did before, so I shall repeat them in my own fashion, to let you know what they are:

1.) Trickery

Your mind is playing tricks on you. But is it just your imagination? Maybe so, but how come more than one person has reported the same phenomenon? I’m sure in some cases you might be seeing things, but I don’t think it’s a mass illusion which causes hundreds if not thousands of people to see shadowy figures. Ya know what I’m saying?

2.) Dark Spectral Beings

These entities are not Casper the friendly ghost. Sometimes they present themselves in a hooded cloak and some people have seen them with red eyes. When I was a small child, I saw one of those figures while I was trying to go to sleep. I thought it was a witch because I used to have the same dream over and over again of a hooded figure standing in a dark forest, beckoning me to come to it. The memory of the shadow person is vague; however, I do recall going into my sister’s room and crawling in bed with her. I also remember her asking me what was wrong, and I told her I saw a witch. Since my sister is four years older than I, she remembers more details of that time in our life. She told me she saw the same figure float down the hall towards my room, so she knew what I was talking about. We still wonder to this day if this being was extraterrestrial rather than a spirit or demon.

3.) Astral Travelers

Some theorize these shadowy figures are actually people who are still living in this world but are having an out-of-body experience. What you’re seeing is their astral body roaming around while the person is in a slumber. I believe in astral travel because I’ve had an OBE before, so I guess this theory could be true, at least with some of the cases.

4.) Parallel Universes

There are universes/dimensions parallel to ours. We are in the third dimension btw. If you get into quantum physics, it’s amazing what they’re discovering. Some theorists think these shadow people are interdimensional.

In the same house my sister and I saw the hooded figure, some of the following things happened:

Items would go missing, then reappear in the same spot as they were before.

My parents left a tape recorder on one night, went to bed and played it the next morning. They were amazed to have captured what sounded like a lively party going on in our house.

Another time, my mom heard parents arguing about their 17-year-old son in our kitchen. Their bickering became so loud, my mom had to scream for them to shut up.

They did.


So was the figure floating down our hall from another dimension?

Who knows?

Like I said . . . it could have been alien since my parents were one of the top investigators in the UFOlogy field.

Anyway, throughout my life I've seen shadowy figures. I don’t know what they are, but so far as an adult I haven’t felt like they were evil.

Hey! Maybe I can do a devil’s snare like Dean and Sam Winchester and trap one. Ya think? :)


  1. This is a great post, and I myself have had the paranormal
    around me since my mom could see the dead, and would
    tell my sister and I stories. I actually seen my first shadow
    person about two weeks ago, and it didn't scare or frighten
    me at all, just curious as to who it might have been.

  2. Thanks. I would love to hear the stories your mom used to tell you and your sister. :)

  3. I think Shadow People are pretty interesting. I never experienced them myself. I only recall seeing one ghost and that was when I was little. I would really like to open up my inner self to seeing spirits, and communicating with them. Shadow People could be any one of the groups you listed either Astral Travelers, beings from a parallel universe. It is open to many possibilities. Things that I definitely intend to explore.

    This is definitely a great post and a friend just mentioned this just last week. I am glad you did a blog post about it. It makes me a lot more aware of who they could be.