Soulless Humans. My Story Concept. How Did I Come Up With It?

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I was recently interviewed and asked how I came up with my stories. In my first published book Beyond the Eye and the four following ones, there are humans born without a soul and dark spirits can inhabit them and by doing so, they can experience whatever they desire while being in the flesh.

It’s pretty cool.

How did I come up with the concept?

Well, I'd always wondered if there were people who didn't have a soul because I'd seen more than a few peeps in my life that when I looked into their eyes there was no spark, no life, zero, zilch, nada. What really spooked me was when I was working at a pediatric clinic. A mother brought in her baby. He was sitting in one of those car carriers. She sat it on the floor so she could pay her co-pay. I looked into her child's eyes, and they were empty.


So the concept of my trilogy derives from me wondering if there are soulless people among us.

Do you believe there are humans born without a soul?

Let's say there are and take it one step deeper. What if there are dark spirits and they can possess those empty shells of a human.


The once vacant eyes now had life in them, and you'd have no idea you were conversing with a dark entity.

Kinda creepy, eh.

If you want to read this concept of mine and the premises I created for my stories that drive them forward. You can pick up Beyond the Eyes for free here––>

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