Monday, November 12, 2012

That Defining Moment

I think we all experience a moment in our life, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to another, where something extraordinary happens to us. Some may say it’s a message from a benevolent being, tapping on your spirit to awaken the part of you that’s been in hypersleep. Or maybe it’s a livewire from your past life, sparking one of the many parts of you tucked away within your superconscious mind. It’s an unforgettable moment meant for only you. It can be as simple as holding a newborn and knowing without a doubt that someday you want to be a mother. To most that may seem like a silly goal, but to you raising a child–another human being–is one of the noblest things to do in this life.

My defining moment happened in seventh grade. We had to write a story. When it came time to read it out loud, the teacher asked for volunteers. I raised my hand (I was the only one), then went to the front of the class and read my horror story about a monster who lived in a sewer. As I was reading it, I became aware of the silence in the room.

I kept reading.

When I arrived at the scary part, the whole class did a collective gasp.

I was hooked from there.

After I finished, a male classmate laughed. I looked up from my paper. My eyes swept the room and settled on Clay's (yes, that's his real name) grinning face. "Wow," he said. "That reminded me of the movie Chud. So cool!" Some of the students nodded in agreement and something inside me swelled with a joy I'd never felt before.

Back then, I never knew what an impact my writing could have on people. I mean, as long as I could remember, I’ve been writing. However, I never shared it with anybody until then.

That was my defining moment. And still today, when I look back on it, I can’t help but smile. :)

So what was your defining moment?

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