Years ago I went and saw John Edwards, the psychic who can communicate with spirits. I know there are phonies out there, but he seems genuine.

Kevin, the eternal skeptic, had asked me how did I know if John Edward’s team weren’t singling people out while they waited, acting like another audience member to get them to talk?

I don’t know, but again he seems genuine in what he does, and I think he’s pretty cool. But I have to admit, there is that splinter in the back of my brain that questions it like Kevin, and when I was there I had hoped that John Edwards would pick me. If that had happened then that splinter would have been plucked, or further wedged into my brain. But he didn’t pick me, so that splinter remains. However, I still think he’s great and would like to see him again.

Many, many years ago I went and saw a palm reader.

What a joke.

She told me I’d have 3 kids. Well, I can’t have kids. I had to get a hysterectomy years ago so she was totally wrong.

And then at the end of the session she told me I was cursed, but if I gave her a hundred dollars she could remove the curse.

Yeah. Right.


What a scam.

I don’t know how people can live with themselves doing shit like that to other people. That’s almost as bad as family members scamming you, thinking you don’t know they’re scamming you or their underhandedness. But you do know, and if you’re smart you dissociate yourself from them and get them out of your life.

Anyway, I love going to psychic fairs (I’ve been to several of them) because they’re fun and you never know what might happen. Where I live now, they don’t have psychic fairs, which is too bad because I enjoy them. There’s always that hope that maybe something unequivocal might happen, leaving no doubt in your mind it’s for real. If that ever does happen to me, I hope Kevin will be there to experience it as well because then he’d know that it is possible to bridge that gap between our world and the next.

So can some people really communicate with the spiritual world?

I think so, and I’ll tell ya why.

When I was six-years-old, I played hooky and stayed home from school. Well, when I went to turn the TV on, it didn’t work, and I thought I had broken it. I didn’t have my mom’s work number to call her, so I started crying. I cried out to my great grandpa–he had died right after I was born, but I’d always felt a connection with him–that I’d broken the TV, and I needed Mom’s work number.

Now I swear on everything I love and hold dear to in my heart, that what happened next, did happen.

I’m not a nutcase or a schizophrenic.

What happened next was a voice separate from my internal voice and me, said that I hadn’t broken the TV. I continued to cry and argued with it, insisting that I had. Then I begged my great grandpa to tell me Mom’s work number.

And then (I’m not shitting you) the number ‘popped’ in my head. I hopped off the couch, ran to the phone, and dialed the number.

And ya know what?

That was the right frickin’ number, and Mom told me the TV wasn’t broken that she had unplugged it so I wouldn’t watch it.

So yeah, because of that personal experience I had and similar ones like that throughout my life, I do think some people can communicate with the spiritual world.

I’m a very inquisitive person. Like I had said in my other posts, I want to know the truth, the facts about everything, even if I don’t like the answer to it. And I don’t care what it is: history, theology, mysticism, etc. I want to know.

I have a small Chinese symbol tattooed to the back of my right shoulder, and there had been times when people would ask me what it meant, and when I told them it meant ‘truth,’ they’d get a faraway look in their eyes and would slowly nod.

But that’s how I live my life, by the truth, and to me that’s an honorable way to live. And yeah, the truth can hurt, but to me it’s much better to get zinged by the truth then to live this life under false pretenses.