New Book and Life Update


It’s been a few months since I last posted in here, and I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on.

Right now, we’re dealing with the horrible wildfires.

We now live on the southern coast in Oregon, which Omigod I fucking love it here, but the fires are bad, you guys.

Yesterday morning I woke up in a dark bedroom and house. My first thought was a cloudy and rainy day.


I looked out the window and saw the orange sky and ash falling from it.

Today we were told to stay indoors because the air quality sucks, well we didn’t listen and took a walk anyway.

Bad idea.

We turned around and went back home.

My chest now feels heavy as if I smoked a pack of cigarettes in one night. It also hurts and so does my head. 😬

So, yeah, we learned our lesson.

Hey, I’m an INFJ, and I don’t like to be told what to do. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, that’s what’s currently going on besides dealing with Covid-19, which should be over soon.

I do have some book news, and I’ll have more later. 😉

I have a title and a name for this new paranormal series I'm writing . . .

The book title is: The Last O’Clery Witch

The book series’ name is:
The Grimbrook Series

As I’m writing this rough draft, I’m learning things that I’ve always wanted to learn because my main character (Ainsley) who is a witch is into those things, like crystals, making tinctures, herbal remedies, tarot card readings, etc.

I’ve always been into that stuff and used to do tarot card readings . . . 

. . . But then I stopped.

I lost those parts of myself I loved because I had decided to assimilate to society’s standards instead. 🙄

Don’t do that, you guys.

Be your 100% self.

You do you.

I can get into the whole story of how I dismantled my life (I started it in August of 2017), threw out the old script that was spoon-fed to me since birth, and started writing my own. 

I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life . . .

. . . But this post would be way too long for that.

So, through research and during my own time, I’ve been learning more about crystals, zodiac signs, astrology, etc.

It’s really cool stuff.

I'm loving it.

I made this star and added a hag stone (we trimmed the ends after I took this photo) to it.

The materials are all-natural (the sticks were from the forest in the mountains, the string is hemp, and the hag stone I found on the beach).

For years, we’ve hung a star like this above our front door.

It wards off negative and evil people.

It totally works, at least, for us it has.

The hag stone is for an extra punch of power.

I made another protection star I’m going to use as a prize in a giveaway. 😊

Btw, Ainsley makes them as well.

So, I might be doing some witchy-cool post here that relates to this story I’m writing. I know my newsletter subscribers want me to in my newsletters, which btw, I’ll be sending one out on the 16th

Have a great weekend!

Cheers! 🥂


Book Announcement

Yes, I know it’s been a couple of months since I posted in here, but a lot has been going on.

Like the rest of you guys, we’ve been “sheltering in” during those months, however, we did go on little adventures away from people.


We ran into Moss Man while we were out exploring the forest. 😬

In February we decided to stay in Oregon after trying out van life, and as you can see from the pictures, we love it here. 🥰

I plan to be where we’re at for the rest of my life.

We’re still in limbo, though . . .

. . . But that’s okay. It’s not forever.

I did lose my creative spark during that time, which concerned me. A lot.

I tried all of my tricks to overcome my lack of creativity.

Nothing worked!

I read through my entire Beyond the Eyes trilogy and its companion books (Tangled Roots and Ameerah).

I took notes with the idea of turning the trilogy into a series.

After I was done, there was no spark or excitement.


I thought I was doomed.

I decided to write about how I felt and asked myself questions.

It did help, but the creative drive wasn’t all there.

So, I did something that some of you might think is nuts (witchy woo-woo).

I smudged our house with white sage and it worked! 🤗

No kidding!

It totally did.

I’m seriously thinking about writing a blog post about sage-smudging your house. 🤔

Anyway, my book announcement is this . . .

. . . I’m starting a new book series😁

It’ll be in the paranormal genre.

The story will have witches, werewolves, and other paranormal creatures in it.

The first book in the series might take me a while to write because I have other projects I’m working on as well. One of them will align with this story, so if everything flows with it, I’ll tell you more about the project after it kicks off. 😉

The first chapter is written btw, but there is a bit of research to do, and I’m working on planning out the series, which takes time, but it’s fun.

The main character (Ainsley) who is an immortal witch is already surprising me.

I remember when I was writing Ameerah’s character, I had no idea she was a lesbian until she told me she was.

I know that sounds nutty, but the characters talk to the author.

I do need a name for the first book and series.

I suck at coming up with titles. 

But it’ll come to me.

I will be doing some giveaways in the future, but if you want to get in on some exclusive, top-secret information and prizes, you can sign up for my newsletter here:

Have a great week!

Cheers! 🥂


We Sold The Van

We sold the van last Friday.

It was a bittersweet day.

K wasn’t into van life at all and wanted to sell the van. 

I didn’t want to, but I also wasn’t going to drive it because I didn’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. 😬

Once we both agreed to put it up for sale, we imagined who we’d want to buy it.

He or she would love the van and appreciate the build. 

We visualized a hippie/boho type of person who wouldn’t have the funds to build a campervan on her/his own.

At first, we priced it at a fair rate and got a lot of interest in it, but then the coronavirus happened. ☹️

We still got calls, but nothing stuck.

We told ourselves the right person would come along and buy it.

We needed to trust in the process, just like we did when we thought our house wouldn’t sell in the middle of winter in North Dakota. 

We decided to lower the price, knowing the next owner couldn’t afford what we currently had it at.

We took off $3,000.00.

Selling the van wasn’t about profit, it was about enriching someone else’s life, someone who would enjoy the van and take good care of it.

Not too long after that, we sold it to the cutest couple ever. 🥰

They were exactly how we envisioned the new owners to be – part of our tribe.

Everything flowed perfectly, and we enjoyed their company.

I told K that I’d probably get a campervan in the future - one that I could drive.

I love them.

I always have.

So where does that leave our Dare to Live YouTube channel? 

To be honest, K lost interest in making videos. 

Me, on the other hand, might continue with the channel on my own. 

We live in a place where we’ll never run out of adventures. 

I had asked our Dare to Live followers what I should do and they said to keep the channel and the Facebook Dare to Live Channel page. If anything, I could continue to post on there.

It's still kind of hard to believe we sold the van. 

We had put so much of ourselves into it. 

Pictures of my book covers are on the high-roof.

What a trip.

I hope the new owners are having fun and enjoying their new house on wheels.

I'm glad they have it. 

I also hope the van will be good to them like it was to us.

Everything happens for a reason.

There are no regrets.

We are where we are now because we decided to dismantle our lives, step out of our comfort zone and build the life we want.

The van was part of that journey and I’ll forever be grateful for it. 😊

Van Life Brought A Wonderful Surprise

Those of you who have been following me here and maybe, hopefully, on our Exploring Rabbit Holes website, know that in August of 2017, we decided to completely dismantle our lives and be true to who we really are. 

Who were you before society told you who you should be?

Have you ever thought about that?

I did that night and then made a life-changing decision.

Thankfully, my bestie felt the same way and was onboard.

You can follow our journey on our Dare to Live YouTube channel.

In January of 2020, we sold our house and moved into our homemade camper van in the middle of winter in the Dakotas. 🥶

We took off and got as far away from the bitter cold and snow as fast as we could.

The first day went well, but after that things got rough. 😬

I already wrote a post about it on our website.

Honestly, I think we have a cool van and I slept really well in it.

Our cat Church even likes it and claimed it as his van.

However, I felt unproductive while we traveled and our WiFi was sketchy. 

I need to be productive and have reliable WiFi to do my work.

Other issues we had was where to park for a few days, not having enough water or room for our needs, and Kevin hated driving the van.

Van life wasn’t his thing . . .

. . . But we kept going with full intentions to travel parts of the US and videotape our journey for our YouTube channel.

When we reached the Pacific Coast, we got a wonderful surprise. 😊

By complete accident, we came across a small coastal town and ended up camping 100 yards from the beach for eight days.

It was wonderful. 🥰

We explored part of the area and loved it.

Kevin and I looked at each other and said, “I can totally live here.”

So, we decided to see if we could find a place to rent for at least a year to see if this was where we wanted to be for the rest of our lives.

According to the residents here, it’s hard to find a place to rent.

The way we live our life is if we’re on the right path things will flow. If not, they won’t and we continue to move on.

We found two places to rent within 24 hours. 😁

No shit.

Everything flowed flawlessly.

We picked a place that’s half a mile from the ocean (you can see the ocean from our street), the Rogue River, and we’re surrounded by forested mountains. 😍

Oh, and for an added bonus there’s a 2-story bookstore with a kickass coffee shop a block from where we live.

The coldest it gets here is 40 degrees and the hottest is 75.

We totally scored.

This place is fucking amazing!

We’re within walking distance to just about everything.

And the food here is awesome. 

We can’t believe we found this place.

It’s perfect for our wandering and creative spirits.

We plan to explore the Pacific Coast and already started.

Here we can live instead of just exist.

If we never would have tried van life and being nomads, we’d never be where we are now.

Van life brought a wonderful surprise.

Back in August 2017, we decided to change our lives, despite the disapproval of others.

We made a plan, became minimalist and stepped out of our comfort zone.

We not only dramatically made outward changes, but we also worked on our inner self through meditation, reading, studying, lectures, writing, and being each other’s support system.

And we’re not done. 😜

We’ll never be done.

None of us will.

We’re all in the process of becoming.

But I’ll tell ya what . . .

. . . Kevin and I have grown so much since we decided to allow our true selves to take the helm instead of allowing society, culture-conditioning and the ego-mind continue to lead us on a path that was littered with anxiety, frustration, monotony, enslavement, and overall, a false life.

Now we’re working on getting settled into our new life here in a small coastal town.

Once we’re settled, I’m going to get back to doing what I love – write books and other writing projects as well. 😉

I do have the second book to my Legends of Deceit series written; it just needs to go to my editor and through the publishing process.

I’ll keep you up to date on that and other things as well.

Stay tuned!

The Key To A Great Marriage (Hint: You Already Know It)

Kevin and I have been married for almost 25 years. 🥰

It seems crazy to us.

25 years!


I remember when he moved in with me I told myself to enjoy the “honeymoon” stage while I can because it wasn’t going to last.

I was wrong though because we knew what the key to a great marriage was and so do you.

Can you guess what it is?

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer.

Marry your BFF.


The way Kevin and I act towards each other to this day is the same as it was when he moved in with me in 1994.

But marrying your best friend forever is not a guarantee you’ll live in harmonious matrimony your entire life here. It does, however, give you a great advantage over those who marry for other reasons.

When you marry your bestie, you not only laugh and have a blast together, you can also be vulnerable and completely honest with each other.

Kevin and I have been through some dark times, but we got through them because of our friendship.

The key to a great marriage is marrying your best friend, but there is more to it than that.

Just because you hooked up with your BFF doesn’t mean you’re golden and you’re going to live happily ever after.

It’s not that simple.

All relationships take work.

A lot of work.

People tend to lose sight of the other key factors they need in order to have a healthy, loving, and solid relationship.

Here they are:

Being each other’s number one fan 

>>>> You support your partner’s goal(s).

>>>> You allow your partner to vent to you when he or she needs to.

>>>> You help your partner through problems.


>>>> You show appreciation for each other every day, even if it’s minor things like doing the dishes or making dinner.

                  “Thank you for making dinner. It was yummy.”

                  “I appreciate you doing the dishes.”

                 “You’re awesome!”

Be considerate

>>>> Call when you’re going to be late.

>>>> Leave a note telling the other person where you’re going.

>>>> Pick up after yourself.

>>>> Be quiet when your better half is trying to sleep.

TIP: If your mate upset you for some reason, talk about it. If you don’t, resent will start to breed within you and you’ll involuntarily find other things that’ll bug you about your partner. Eventually, it’ll manifest into your lives in an unhealthy manner that’ll test your commitment to one another.

Allow your other half to do his or her own thing . . .

. . . Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip.

That’s not healthy.

See your relationship as a basecamp.

You two should go off and do your own thing at times, and then meet up at your basecamp.

It’s healthy to have different interests and to have some alone time away from your other half.

I’m not going to lie; I do enjoy my time alone.

Kevin and I share a lot of the same interests, but we have some that the other doesn’t care about. And that's okay.

He’s into playing guitar and flint knapping, whereas I’m into writing novels and paranormal stuff . . .

. . . But, 90% of our interests are the same.

I discovered through experience and research that it does help to be in a relationship with someone who shares the same interests in music, ideologies, and beliefs.

Best friends usually do. 😉

Also, BFFs can be brutally honest with one another. 

Say you’ve reached a point where you find yourself losing interest in the relationship because it’s seriously lacking something, but yet you don’t want to end it. You know you can have a serious conversation about your problem without the fear of the other party getting angry or butt-hurt.

Besties do that.

Best friends also kick each other in the ass—figuratively speaking—when needed.

For example, say you thought you weren’t good enough to be treated with respect by a family member.

That family member always talked down to you and never acknowledged your accomplishments or supported your dreams.

So, you had anxiety every time you had to deal with that person, yet in a weird kind of way, you loved and wanted his or her approval.

Your bestie put the smackdown on you because he knew you were kicking your own ass.

You don’t need validation from anyone but yourself.

You don’t need to be treated like a lesser person.

You’re an accomplished person, and you don’t need to take crap from a narcissistic ass-monkey who only wants to talk about his or herself – even if it is a relative.

So, the key to a perfect marriage is to marry your best friend and as long as you keep being BFFs, you two will be able to work on the dynamics of your relationship a lot easier than those who don’t have the same advantage as you.

Cheers! 🥂