Sunday, October 16, 2016

Funny Book Trailer

Almost three years ago, The Devil’s Third was published.

Yeah, it’s been that long.

Can you believe it?

It’s the third book in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy. Then I wrote the companion to the trilogy called, Tangled Roots which is on sale, btw.

Anyway, The Devil’s Third won’t be the last book in this trilogy which will not be a trilogy anymore . . . I guess it would be a saga, wouldn’t it?

The characters in the trilogy still have many adventures ahead of them. If you’ve read The Devil’s Third or all three books for that matter, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I created a whole new mythology that could be plausible. It explains why shit happens in our world, and if you read Ameerah and look at what’s going on in our world now, how we got to this alarming and worrisome point, you’ll be like, holy shit! 

Yeah, Ameerah’s story takes the reader from when she was human in the 1920s, to her heinous murder in the insane asylum in 1925, to becoming a dark spirit who can possess soulless humans, to present day. She takes you through the timelines, tells and shows you what it’s like to be a dark spirit, what they’ve done in our world and what they’re up to now.

Have you ever wondered why World War II happened?

Have you ever wondered why the stock market crashed?

So, back to three years ago when The Devil’s Third was published. I created this video which is fitting for these books because some of the Nazis were possessed by malevolent entities. In Ameerah’s story, the reader discovers more about it.

Btw, Ameerah is a standalone book. It’s her story; however, it’s set in the same world as my trilogy and Ameerah had made appearances in Dark Spirits (the second book in the trilogy) and The Devil’s Third (third book).  

Here’s the book trailer. In the title of this blog post, I added funny because so many people have told me that it is. Oh, and if you speak German, don’t follow what the actors are saying, read the text instead.

Beyond the Eyes was selected as one of the best Kindle Books of 2015! Free 

Right now until November 1st, Tangled Roots is on sale for only .99 cents. That’s $3.00 off the cover price.

Ameerah is the most recent book published.

I am writing another book, and it’s totally different from these ones. For the latest up to date information, sneak peeks, top secret information, and if you want to be the first to know what I’m up to. You can join my newsletter. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you or share your information.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Release Blitz! Once Upon a Midnight.

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Once Upon A Midnight
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Stephanie Rowe - Dark Wolf Rising (Heart of the Shifter)

Shifter Cash Burns vanished from her life ten years ago, but when an assassin closes in on Brynn McKenzie, Cash is her only chance to stay alive.

Twitter: @StephanieRowe2

Dakota Cassidy - Fangs Of Anarchy: Forbidden AlphaWorlds and forbidden love collide when vampire biker Irish McConnell and werewolf librarian, Claire Montgomery hunt for a killer.

Twitter: @DakotaCassidy


                                                  Melanie James - Fur Ever Yours
The Fates etched Rafe & Mina's destiny in stone long ago. Now, one twisted wolf seeks to destroy them both. Will he succeed or will Mina and Rafe's bond be strong enough to survive?

Twitter : @AutMelanieJames

Renee George - A Shade of Midnight (Midnight Shifters Book 4)
With the lives of her two loves on the line, will Mina be forced out of the light of her new life and back into the shade of her past?

Toni Aleo - Broken Pieces

From the moment Oceanus von Stein, second-in-command to the Patchwork family, caught sight of Taegan Conner, daughter of the leader of the Wolves, he knew he would never love another. Only now, she has been promised in marriage to another, an arrangement to strengthen her family's alliances--and she gets no say in the matter. Can they find a way to be together, or will they both always be two Broken Pieces?

Facebook :
Twitter: @tonilovesweber6

Claudy Conn - Aaibhe-Shee Queen

Seventy thousand years is a long time to live without true love.

As queen of the Seelie Fae, Aaibhe led her people to a new world when their own had been destroyed by war. She accepted the responsibility of maintaining the magic-built walls that imprisoned the evil Dark Fae. She kept the Seelie Hallows safe. And though she enjoyed the companionship of an occasional Fae lover, she never took a royal Fae as her king or a non-royal as her consort.

Twitter: @Claudyconn

Tracey Jane Jackson - Bound by Joy

Bound by Joy (A Cauld Ane Christmas Novella)
Kenna McFadden has waited more than two hundred years for her mate and she finds him in a most unexpected way. On a mission to find his missing niece, prince Gunnar Baldersson finds someone far more precious to him. Join in their bonding as they fall in love while celebrating the sweetness and joy of Christmas. 
Newsletter :
Twitter - @traceyjanejaxn

Kelly Cozzone - Fated by Fire
Gareth Cadell fights to save the survival of his red dragon clan. He -didn't expect to find his soul mate in the process. Can he end up saving them both?

Julia Mills - The Fate of Her Dragon
Sleepless nights, a man haunting her every thought, his voice calling, begging, needing...her...
Not even the Universe has the answers and time is running out...
The Fate of her dragon may be the death of them all!

Twitter: @JuliaMills623

A.D. Justice - Immortal Envy 
Two brothers. Best friends. Immortals. One woman - the subject of their mutual obsession. Immortals can hold a grudge for a very long time.

Twitter: @adjustice1

Diane Rinella -- Moonlight Serenade
Instead of leading Dale to the woman of his dreams, a psychic guides him to a lucky charm--Glenn Miller's guitar pick. Does the key to Dale's happiness lie with the famous bandleader or the deceased rocker of the same name? Maybe the ghost in the grey fedora knows ...

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Gena D. Lutz -- Created Darkly, a Kris Chase novel
Necromancer Kris Chase's purpose is simple. Blindly raise the dead for the primary elite, selfnecro-governed group, the Center. The problem is, she couldn't care less about what the Center expects from her. Instead, she is more content with snuffing out the life-force from every vile creature she can get her hands on; the same monsters her brethren indiscriminately create... for the right price.

Twitter: @GenaDLutz

A.K. Michaels -- The Black Rose Chronicles, Deceit and Lies
The Black Rose is a highly trained assassin. Her newest assignment is the mysterious, enigmatic and deadly Vampire, Cassius Allarde and she has to decide if he warrants her execution. Will she survive her meeting with the mighty Vampire?
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Twitter: @AvaKMichaels

Aubree Lane -- Catamount Ridge 
Exactly what was happening up on Catamount Ridge was a mystery, but with the mountain lions acting so strange, it fell Jessie and Derek to track down the elusive beasts. The cats odd behavior was troublesome, but Jessie has a bigger problem on her hands. For in the light of day, Derek seems far more dangerous than any normal mountain lion.

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Twitter: @AubreeLane3 

Jami Brumfield -- Bear-i-licious Cowboy
Ashlee has given up on love, despite her best friend's insistence that she get back into the game. When she is forced to attend a dating mixer she discovers a world that was hidden from her, a dangerous world full of supernatural creatures she never imagined were real. Tucker is an alpha bear more concerned with protecting his pack than finding a mate, but his goddess has other plans and forces him to choose a woman to call his own.

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Twitter: @JamiMBrumfield

PM Briede -- Spark

Who knew an actual soul existed beneath the skin of this monster I let myself become. 

Twitter: @PM Briede

Wynter Daniels -- Spirited Seduction
Ryan's murdered sister's ghost appears to him to warn him that her friend Emily will be next. Emily shunned her psychic abilities after she became the target of a killer while working with the police years ago, but she can't ignore her friend's dire message from beyond the grave. Despite their differences, passion sizzles between the couple until sinister, unseen forces threaten to tear them apart forever. *previously published

Twitter: @WynterDaniels

Amanda Washington - Lucky Blow
When an enslaved demigod earns her freedom, but loses the one thing that matters more, she'll have to join forces with an old flame and steal from a cast of powerful gods to get it back.

Michele E. Gwynn -- Darkest Communion
Torn from his beloved by jealousy, and cursed to walk the night alone for eight-hundred lonely years, a dark and twisted love triangle comes full circle in Bucharest, Romania for a vampire, a gypsy, and the woman they both desire.

Twitter: @MGwynnExaminer

Nicole Garcia - Fallen

When a vampire's life hangs in the balance, something drastic must be done. Who would of thought that the one human Gia was desperately trying to avoid would be the one to bring her to salvation.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sick Furbaby

This guy here has been sick all week.

Church is his name. He’s nine years old and my four-legged furbaby. :)

Last week I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. He had no energy and wasn’t acting like his usual silly self. Then he started retching. Only once did he throw up and it wasn’t a lot. So I did what I hated to do . . . 

I hauled him to the vet. 

The vet took an x-ray of Church’s belly and discovered it was extended three times what it should be. 


There was also something in his stomach, but he didn’t know if it was food, a string, or some other foreign object. He thought it would be best if Church stayed the night so he could observe him which broke my heart since he’d never been away from home.

I was sad.

The next day Church’s doctor gave him an ultrasound. The size of his bloated stomach went down and whatever we saw in there had moved. However, Church had a urinary tract infection and inflammation of his stomach. He was given a shot and medicine I have to carefully administer to him orally for his inflammation. Also, if he doesn’t poop by tomorrow, I have to take him back in. 

I really don’t want to take him back to the vet.

Guess what?

He hasn’t pooped yet.

The vet told me to give Church can food instead of dry for a couple of days which I’ve doing, but it’s not helping. :(

I don't know what to do.

Does anyone know how I can get my Church to take a crap?

Have you ever read a blog like this before? LOL. Well, I love my cat and thought I should share what’s going on in my nonwriting world and to see if anyone will have a suggestion or two on what I can do about this. If you do, please leave a comment.

Thanks. :)