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8/14/2019 5 Comments

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  1. I just finished "The Devil's Third". The books were great! I couldn't put them down. Even with a full time job and a young child I finished all three in a little over a week. I hope this isn't the last we hear about Nathan and Paige. I feel like there could be a many more great adventures in their futures. Thanks for writing such great stories! Erica

  2. Wow! Thanks, Erica for letting me know. I'm doing a spin-off called, Tangled Roots. I did a post on what it's about. You should check it out. I'm also writing a standalone book called Ameerah. It'll take the reader to when she was alive in the 1920s as a flapper and show them why and how she became a dark spirit. Tangled Roots will be out this summer. Carrie and Tree are the main characters in this book btw.
    I agree regarding the many adventures that await Paige and the gang. If you read Tangled Roots when it comes out, you'll discover there are certainly many Indiana Jones type adventures ahead of them.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my books.

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