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8/08/2011 1 Comments

When I had decided to do a blog, I had planned on doing posts on writing and on the literary world because that’s what I love. And if I can help people through my experiences, I want to. I totally believe in paying it forward. But I also love anything that’s paranormal because there’s so many mysterious things that go on in this world that we can’t explain. So, I guess I’m going to write about whatever suits my fancy at that moment, and not limit myself to just one topic–thus, Wandering Thoughts of a Writer. Of course, I’ll do posts about writing, but right now I want to talk about something in my life that had shocked me.

Yesterday I was thinking if something in my life had ever shocked me. I mean, the way I grew up, it takes a lot to shock me. Seriously. Well, I thought of something that totally had shocked me to the core. . . .

When I was 13, my friend’s stepbrother Mike came to his house for the weekend. Well, Mike was a good-looking, clean-cut kid: short brown hair, green eyes. He reminded me of one of the Kennedy boys. And he was so polite. It was as if he had been plucked straight out of the 50s or something. Anyway, a year later, I was with a group of friends and there was a guy among the group who looked similar to Marilyn Manson with his black clothes, long black hair, black eyeliner that made his green eyes pop in a freakish vampire sorta way. I finally went up to him because oddly enough, he seemed familiar to me, and yup it was Mike. And guess what he told me. He was a Satanist. He said that he was more into Satanism back when I had first met him then he was now.


It totally fried my brain and freaked me out at the time. I mean, when I first had met him he was every parent’s dream kid, somebody that a daughter would be proud to bring home to meet her father. That just goes to show you that people aren’t always as they seem.

But a Satanist. Really?

I’ve done a lot of research on theology, and when I do my research I don’t do it from a Christian’s or an Atheist’s stand point. The reason why is because if you do, then you have an agenda and will find information that supports that agenda. So I research all the facts without having a certain ideology in mind. I don’t care if I discover factual information that I don’t like. I just want the truth. So through my extensive research, I came to the conclusion that Satan is bullshit. He’s not real. However, I personally believe there’s negative energy out there, and we have a choice whether to become a part of that or not. My YA novel, Beyond the Eyes has that in there, and the sequel I’m writing right now titled: Dark Spirits, goes deeper into it. But Satanists to me are just frustrated Christians because they have to believe in Christianity in order to believe in Satan. Am I right? It’s totally true.

Anyway, I don’t know whatever happened to Mike. I hope he grew out of it and went on to lead a happy and healthy life. We all go through our stupid phases, so hopefully that was just one of his. Now I’m going to go burn some fat and place it on the altar so the Lord can smell its sweet savor.

Just kidding. :)

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  1. LOL, so true. To be a Satanist, you have to believe in the Bible and all that. I agree, tehy're just frustrated Christians.