The other day, Kevin was channel surfing and stopped on a movie with Christopher Walken in it. Kevin said, "That’s a freaky looking dude." And I said, "Yeah, but he fits the parts he plays." Kevin agreed, and I continued with, "I want to get that movie The Prophecy."

Later on, I went to Alco to get some things for the house. You know, laundry soap, cat food, mouthwash, crap like that. When I wheeled the cart to the video section, right there on the second shelf was The Prophecy for $4.99. I was like, whoa, that’s a trip. I was just talking about it, and there it was. But not only that, it was the only one in the store. That’s like when you’re thinking about a song you haven’t heard in like forever and then suddenly plays on the radio. I wonder how that happens. Do we create it? It is a mystery, but one I’d like to solve.

The Prophecy is a pretty good movie. I think Christopher Walken plays Gabriel well. It’s cool he can touch somebody, and they collapse when he goes, "Shhhhh." I would love to have that power. Think about it. If somebody was totally annoying you, or pissed you off, all you had to do was touch them and at the same time go, "Shhhh." And then they would collapse on the floor in a deep sleep. Wouldn’t that be cool? I think so.  :)