First Week of 2012

1/06/2012 , , 0 Comments

So how was your first week of 2012? I swear, I think it’s a year for change. I could be wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time), but for me, this first week of 2012 was like BAM–change.

Week one: health.

Smack down.

A health problem that had been plaguing us for a very long time was resolved this week, making us very happy. There also was a health scare, but so far everything had turned out fine. One more minor test will be preformed next week (just to be on the safe side). If that test comes out negative, then it’s all good, which we’re pretty sure it will be.

Week one: work.

Kevin’s boss stopped by our house at 9:30 the other night to let him know how much he values him as an employee. So much so he’s giving Kevin the opportunity to choose his own hours instead of making him work 55+ hours a week at the high-stress job he has. So I’ve been looking for work that suits the degree and qualifications I have. You see, I’ve been off of work for over a year because Kevin told me to quit the stressful job I had at the time, and stay home and do what I love–write. So I did, and now I think it’s about time I get back out there and get a job.

As you probably already know, my dream is to write books for a living, and even though I’m planning on going back to work, I’m not giving up on that dream.

No way.

I don’t care if I keep getting smacked down.

I am not giving up that dream.

I still believe in my ‘Beyond the Eyes’ series that I’m working on, and will not abandon it.

It’s frustrating though because people in my small town think once you write a book that’s it, you’re rich. They don’t have a clue how much work it is and how the literary world works.

For example: I had an interview with a Chiropractor. It was an excellent position, good hours, good pay, and it was within walking distance to where I live.

Sounds perfect, right?

The interview was going great, and I could tell he was impressed by my qualifications, my letters of recommendation, and my work ethics. But when I told him about my book, he totally freaked out.


He started shifting uncomfortably in his seat, anxiously looking around. I thought the poor guy was going to have a panic attack or something. And then he said, "That means you’ll be doing book tours, and I’m looking for somebody to be here for at least a few years, and, and. . . ."

I wanted to say, "Dude, chill out." But instead I said, "No. That’s not how it works." I tried to explain to him the whole process and that it could take years to get a book traditionally published, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Then a patient came in and that was the end of the interview. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job, but I honestly think I would have if I hadn’t mentioned writing my book.

So yeah, it’s frustration when people have preconceived ideas about the publishing world. Not to mention (again) I live in a small town and a lot of people here knows I’ve taken time off to stay home and write. I just hope that doesn’t hinder my chance in getting a good job here.

*Heavy sigh*

I think it’ll all be okay though: health, me finding a job, my book getting published, and living a happy, fun life.

On that note, I’m going to go and finish up chapter eleven to my third and final book in my series.