Book Signing

This Saturday (July 28th)  I’ll be doing a book signing for the first time ever. It’s going to be here in my town at Sweets ‘N Stories.

Isn’t it cute inside?
This picture shows where you get your yummies at. On the other side is where the books are, and  where I’ll be signing my books. If I think about it, I’ll take a picture on Saturday before I do the signing (the above picture is from Facebook). 
The owner has a poster of my book cover on the door. It looks pretty cool, actually. You can see it when you’re driving down Main Street, and the owner also had fliers for my book signing made. Last night, when I went to Northside Treats & Eats (it’s like a Dairy Queen) to pick up some food, I saw my flier in there.
It looks awesome.
And then today, my boss told me she was at the library last night and saw my flier there too. J
Oh! And the library already bought one of my books and is waiting for me to sign it for them.
I ran into my ex-boss, a couple days ago. She told me she bought my book and really likes it. She also told me she shook the book in front of her coworker's face and said, “You got to read this.” So her coworker is reading it right now. 
I used to work at the medical clinic here in town, and I guess my book is getting circulated among them, which rocks.  I was pleasantly surprised when Judy (ex-boss and one of the best ever) had told me that.
Now I have to get through this book signing. It’s totally out of my comfort zone, but so was the podcast, and like I had said before, I’m willing to confront my fear(s) in order to spread the word around about my book.
I just hope people show up.
It would be totally embarrassing to sit there by myself and nobody stops in to buy my book.
I know it happens though.
I’ve heard a lot of stories about authors sitting at their book signing event for hours and nobody showing up.
I just hope I’m not one of them.