Guest Post With Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author J.A. Huss–Creator Of The I Am Just Junco series

Who am I? Am I real? Am I just another copy? Did I crawl out of these vats? When did I crawl out? A few weeks ago. The day I ran away? Are there girls just like me lurking somewhere? Here?–Junco

Ya Get What Ya Need-by J.A. Huss
Author of CLUTCH-book one in the I Am Just Junco series
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It turns out The Rolling Stones got it right after all. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. No truer lesson has ever been learned as a young adult. I mean, what’s the journey into adulthood anyway if not sitting around being "angsty" or lamenting the one who got away?

Yes, The Stones knew what they were talking about because regardless of what you thought wanted in life, sometimes you only ever get what you need. Call it fate, call it destiny, or simply call it hard luck. It doesn’t matter what you call it because unless you purposefully go out and make something happen, you won’t get far.

And even if you set your sights high and make all the necessary preparations, life can still get in the way.

So you’re left with what, then?

Acceptance? That may or may not be the answer – it has the potential to sound a little like giving up to me. So what is one to do when life gets in the way of your plans?

Stephen King came up with a really good analogy about his characters meeting their fate in his Dark Tower series. He called it travelling the path of the beam. It simply means, do what you’ve been created to do and things become clear.

In my new science fiction series my main character, a nineteen year old female named Junco, is forced to give up her childhood dream of being a mother and wife and instead, embark on a grand journey to meet her fate. A journey that takes her off earth for a period of time to search her soul and decide who she is and how far she’ll really go to set things right.

She can fight her fate, maybe run away with her one true love and take what she’s wanted all along. But that would mean ignoring all the terrible things that are about to happen to her friends, not to mention an entire race of people.

Sometimes life is about accepting who you are and your place in the world. This is Junco’s greatest lesson and while she might not like who she is, it’s out of her control. She can only move forward.

Acceptance is not a bad lesson, but there are more lessons for Junco to learn before she fulfills her destiny in book five. If you’re looking for a fun read filled with mystery and meaning, then give the I Am Just Junco series a try.

Thank you J.A. for your wonderful post.

Check out her book trailer. It's awesome.



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