The Vampire Diaries–Elena & Damon?

Did you guys watch last Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? If you haven’t, it’s online so you can still watch it.

It kicked ass.

After Elena kills the vampire hunter Connor, she starts having hallucinations. The reason why is if a vampire takes the life of those type of hunters, they go mad until another hunter takes the place of the one who just died.

Klaus knows how to help Elena because he went through the same thing. He tells her the hallucinations will drive her to commit suicide, then he locks her in a room to prevent her from ending her life. Of course, Stefan finds a way to free Elena; however, when he enters the chamber she’s being held in, she’s tripping out and stabs him. She escapes and finds herself on Wickery bridge.

Meanwhile, Jeremy (Elena’s brother) discovers he’s to take Connor’s place. You see, after Elena killed the hunter, a tattoo appeared on Jeremy’s hand. Only potential hunters can see it, so Jeremy can. The thing about the marking is it grows every time the hunter kills a vampire. So the curse Elena is under will break if Jeremy kills a vampire.

When Elena is on Wickery bridge, her mom appears before her. She tells Elena how proud she is of her, but Elena shouldn’t have cheated death. She’s supposed to be dead–not a vampire. It’s an emotional scene that I think was well played out. Elena decides to take her dayring off and tosses it into the river. As she’s waiting for the sun to rise, Damon shows up. During this time, Jeremy kills a hybred (half vampire, half wolf). The curse breaks right when the sun rises. Elena’s hands start to burn. She looks at Damon with wide, fearful eyes and says, "Damon." Damon jumps into action, grabs her, and they plunge into the river. He recovers her ring, and when Elena awakes, she’s in her bed with Damon quietly sitting nearby.

Okay, now, we get to the ending of this episode and this is where I get a stupid grin on my face because I think the writers are listening to their fans . . . Check this scene out

Yeah, that's right, Elena breaks up with Stefan. I do feel bad for Stefan but . . .

*goofy grin*

I do like Stefan. I do, but in a previous episode he basically tells Damon he prefers Elena to how she was before she became a vampire. Damon’s comment to Stefan’s confession is he loves Elena either way. So that right there solidifies it for me–Damon and Elena belong together. And it looks like they’ll finally get their chance. I hope.

Here’s the preview to the next episode.

Now the anticipation begins. Let's just hope the writers don't disappoint the fans who have been waiting for this to happen for so long.