My Week

Last weekend we got 18 inches of snow. On Monday, I got a snow day, which was awesome. I took that as a sign to upload and publish Dark Spirits to Kindle and B&N. But then the following days it snowed again and again and again. I just shook my head and said, “Really?” And it’s supposed to snow again today and this weekend.

Stop already!

I like snow, but honestly, I’m beyond tired of it. I’m also tired of being crazy busy all the frickin’ time. I think there is a rubber room with my name on it. LOL.

Our backyard is covered with snow, which I’m sure is waist deep on me. Our heating runs on propane. Well, our tank is in our backyard–buried. On Monday I was going to shovel a path on the north side of the tank so my driver (I work for a propane company) could get to the tank. Right when I was headed out the door, I saw our neighbor’s son-in-law was in his pay loader, shoveling their backyard snow. He pushed it against our tank and left before I could get a chance to talk to him. And then (I’m not through yet) the plow went down our alley and created a wall of snow in our back driveway. I told the owner where I work about it, and he told me not to worry. He has a Bobcat and said he would dig the snow out of our backyard for us.

Yeah, he’s a sweetheart.

Thursday afternoon I was talking to a customer on the phone, taking a credit card payment. As I was talking to her, I sucked in some spit and went into a five minute coughing fit. I had to lay the phone down and thought it was quite possible I might choke to death. I got back on the phone, eyes and nose running, and through short, scratchy breaths, I tried to talk to her. I apologized for the interruption, which in turn she asked me if I was okay. I was so embarrassed.

Thursday night, I planted myself on the couch to watch The Vampire Diaries. This show is basically the only show I watch because I spend a majority of my spare time on my writing and reading stuff. Kevin turned the station on for me and guess what? The-frickin’-station-was-blank!


So I waited, thinking maybe it would come on after a few minutes.


I went on Twitter to see if anybody else was experiencing the same problem. Apparently, I was the only one not allowed to watch it because people were tweeting about how awesome the show was.

Thanks Universe. You're a real gem.

On Monday I heard from a writer who writes for a magazine called Today’s Pulse. She wanted to interview me. So of course, I said yes. It’ll be published in two weeks.


On Tuesday, I received a signed copy of a middle grade book called The Tree of Mindala by author Elle Jacklee. Inside was a wonderful and touching note by her to me. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it in the near future. And I love the cover of this book.

On Wednesday, I received the paperback proof copy of Dark Spirits, and the cover looks awesome! I’m very pleased with it and soon it will be published in paperback form.


On Thursday, I received rack cards of the cover of Dark Spirits on one side and Beyond the Eyes on the other side. It looks awesome except for the huge white gaps on the top and bottom of the cards, so I wasn’t happy. I also received a mouse pad with a picture of the cover of Dark Spirits on it. I was happy with that.

I have five people right now reading Dark Spirits, and to be honest, I’m nervous as hell.

What if they don’t like it?

I started to think about the scenes I wrote. I love the scenes but . . .

Were some of them too rushed?

I told Kevin, and he screwed his face up and said, “Your editor didn’t seem to think so.” He then reminded me I went through the same feelings with my first book.

Yeah, I know, all authors go through this.

It’s still scary though.

I’m also wondering if it’s going to be harder to market because it’s a second book in a series. So I’m at a toss up on what to do. I am doing a blog tour for Dark Spirits next month, but I’m wondering if I should spend more time on writing The Devil’s Third than worrying about marketing DS.

So that was my week, and I’d like to end this post with something Kevin told me about a half hour ago . . .

I was thinking earlier today about the life I was born into. My crazy mom who always told us her kids would never be better than her and all the step-dads I had to deal with. I thought about this couple who was on vacation, came home and discovered they won two different lotteries. I imagined the Universe pointing down at me saying ‘You’ll never get a break. This is your lot in life. Deal with it.’ But then I thought, wait a minute . . . I do have it better than anybody.” He paused, pointed at me and said, “Because I have you.”