The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer--Book Review

3/29/2013 0 Comments

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to read The Short Life of Bree Tanner. If you’ve read Stephenie Meyer’s last book in her Twilight series called Eclipse, you know then about Bree, right? At the end of the book Bree makes a brief appearance, and nothing is really said about her.  Well, this novella is about Bree and her life as a newborn vampire.

*Spoiler Alert*
Bree is a runaway teenager in Seattle, Washington who gets turned into a vampire when a good-looking stranger by the name of Riley, offers to feed her.  Bree ends up in a dark room with her, as Bree’s new coven is known to call Victoria because they don’t know her name or who she is. Victoria turns Bree to add to the army of newborn vampires she's creating so they can distract the Cullens while she goes after Bella and kills her.
Riley is the leader of this new coven and he keeps them ignorant.  Most of the newborns-except for Bree, Diego, and Fred-are idiots. Although I liked Diego’s character, I have to admit, I thought he wasn’t very smart with a decision he made.
Speaking of Diego, let’s talk about him for a minute . . .
At the beginning of this book Bree is out hunting with a couple of numbskulls from her coven. The third guy, though, Diego, is logical, considerate, and a thinker. At first Bree is suspicious of him because he’s actually talking to her and is nice (she’s not used to somebody being kind to her without having an agenda behind it).  But eventually she lets her guard down with Diego. They become “secret” friends because they don’t want anybody in the coven, especially Riley, to know.
It’s not safe.
Both Bree and Diego know Riley isn’t telling the group the truth about their new existence and what’s really going on.  However, despite knowing these things about Riley, Diego still feels some sort of loyalty towards him, which makes me want to slap him upside the head.  And due to this “bromance” Diego seems to secretly have going on with Riley, he makes a poor decision that frustrates me.
He should have listened to Bree.
Anyway, my favorite character is Fred. He has the special ability to repel people away from him by releasing an awful smell that makes people gag when they go near him. So nobody messes with him, including Riley. They leave Fred alone and because of that, Bree sits by Fred so nobody can harm her. Bree retches at times, but the smell doesn’t bother her after a while. Bree notices that Fred is observant and doesn’t trust Riley as well.
She’s right.
Towards the end of the book, Fred talks to her when their group prepares to take off and fight the Cullens. Fred hangs back, tells Bree he’s bailing and invites her to come along, offering to protect her as well. Of course, Bree doesn’t go because she wants to find Diego. Fred understands and tells Bree he will wait for her for one day.  He tells her the location and he hopes to see her soon.
And that is that.
Fred takes off because he’s a smart M-effer and Bree follows the group to her own death.
I knew what Bree’s fate would eventually be before I picked up this book, because I read Eclipse, but I wish she would have been spared. I liked her character. But it is what it is.  
I give The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, three stars because it was an okay book. I found it kind of mundane, and I didn't care for the abrupt ending. However, I’m glad I bought it and was able to meet this lone vampire and see her world through her eyes.