My WTF Week

On Monday night my cat Church started wailing in a high-pitched sound. With a pounding heart, I dashed out to the other room and found him rolling on his back with his fat belly sticking up.

He was fine.

I think he got a cramp or something.

I don’t know.

But WTF?

On Tuesday, I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

My husband ALWAYS puts the toilet seat down.

Not this time!

I went to sit on the toilet and almost fell in.


Our hall light is out. In order to put a new one in, we need a ladder. Our ladder is in the shed, but we can’t get to it because our yard is still buried in snow. I got up Wednesday morning for work, got dressed, and carefully went down the stairs in the dark. Without incident, I made it safely to the living room. I went to turn on the lamp on the end table beside the couch and tripped. Church bellowed out a pissed off meow. I yelled back at him because he shouldn’t be under my feet, especially in the dark. But he gave me an attitude anyway.


I woke up this morning to my car covered in snow and it was still snowing.

It’s April!


At work a customer hasn’t paid his propane bill in months. He owes more than $1,400.00. He called this afternoon. He was out of propane and demanded some. I told him he hadn’t paid his bill in months, how much he owed, and he needed to pay on his account. He made some pity party, lame ass excuse to why he hadn’t paid. Of course, it wasn’t his fault. I’ve heard it all–BTW: my bill fell under my refrigerator, my bill fell underneath the mat in my truck, I had to pay my real bills, etc. etc. I told him he still needed to pay, and he got really rude with me as if I was the bad person.


It’s Thursday night as I’m typing this. I’ll post this tomorrow morning, so I wonder if I’ll run into any more WTFs by Friday night. But regardless of the WTFs, it'll be Friday!


Happy Friday!


  1. I hope your Friday is better and there are no more WTF's. LOL. I've had weeks like that.

  2. Thanks! So far so good, but it's only 8:41 a.m. LOL. :)