Book Review on the Vessel by Felicia Tatum

The Vessel is the second book in Felicia Tatum’s YA urban fantasy. It takes off where The White Aura had ended. 
Olivia Whitehead is the main character in this tale. She’s kidnapped and held captive for two months. To her surprise, Aiden (the guy who tried to kill her in the first book) is thrown in the room with her. She soon discovers his eyes are a different color, and he has no recollection of the past two years of his life. To her horror, Olivia realizes Aiden’s body was just a vessel being used by the evil sorcerer. It wasn’t Aiden himself who tried to end her life; it was that damn sorcerer instead. She feels horrible for almost killing Aiden, and let me tell ya . . . the guy’s wounds  she had inflicted on him has him in bad shape.
In The Vessel, Felicia did something I really appreciated: she wrote chapters with just Aiden’s POV. I enjoyed reading those chapters, and I have to admit, I like his character better than Scott’s (Olivia’s love interest). I was secretly hoping Olivia and Aiden would hook up, or Aiden and Sadie (Scott’s sister).
Both Sadie and Aiden are my favorite characters.
Olivia and Aiden manage to escape after Olivia discovers another magical ability she has and is able to leave Scott a message on her whereabouts. But her troubles are far from over.
I don’t want to give any spoilers away, so I’ll leave it at that.
We get to meet Olivia’s estrange brother, Kyle in this book.  Their parents have been kidnapped, and he wants to know what happened to them.  Olivia tells him, and then in turn, he tells her shocking information about herself and their parents.  
Kyle’s character is standoffish. I’m hoping we get to know him better in the next book because right now I’m not too sure how I feel about him.
Olivia’s best friend Juniper plays a larger role in this second book.
I like her.
She has spunk and is a great friend to Olivia.
Scott has two emotions running on high octane this time around: frustration and jealousy. He’s frustrated because he feels powerless to help Olivia and fears death will take her from him, which I can understand. His jealousy, though, of Aiden, is making me dislike him even more. Olivia is getting annoyed by it too, which is great because maybe she’ll ditch him for Aiden. 
Hint, hint, Felicia.
I think this whole story Felicia is weaving together is coming together nicely and it’s imaginative. I’m looking forward to the third book, especially since she ended The Vessel the way she did.  Now, I’m on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what’s going to happen next. So, yeah, I’ll be grabbing the next book when it comes out. That’s for sure. J 

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