Black Flag TV & Silverblood Comics!

SV Bell who is the producer of Black Flag TV, is a very talented person. Black Flag streams classic horror movies as well as independent movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out the link below:


He’s also the creator of Silverblood comics. The next issue will be

available in September . . . Oh, and guess what? My books will be advertised in his September issue. That’s right, Beyond the Eyes and Dark Spirits will have their own half page spread in his comic book.


Here's the link to his comic book page:

SV Bell will be at ComicCon in Montreal, from September 13-15. It’s a major event that will be packed full of comic books, media and cinema. More than 30,000 fans will be there. If you’re going, stop by and say hi to SV Bell, and he’ll be happy to sign his comic book for you.



  1. Wow!.... Very Superb!!! blog...Really excellent blog... I hope your writing efforts are going well.....

    A Writer

  2. Thank you. I just started working with my editor on the third book in this trilogy and so far so good with the edits and rewrites. :)