Why You Need A Beta Reader

What the heck is a beta reader?

Years ago, I asked that same question. I'd never heard of that term before, until I decided to turn my stories into novels.

A beta reader reads your manuscript before it's published and gives you valuable feedback on your story. They'll point out plot holes, inconsistencies, errors, and will tell you how they feel about the tale. 

I love my beta readers. They're my helping angels, and I appreciate them.

Why do I even need a beta reader? I mean, I have an editor who would point all those things out to me and would tell me if my story sucked. 

I'll tell ya why.

You need more eyes on your manuscript. I've learned this the hard way, and it makes a HUGE difference if you have a handful of people beta reading for you.

Trust me.  

When do I give my manuscript to my beta readers?

This is what I do. After I've completed the first draft, I'll take a week off, then read my story. I'll edit and do rewrites. Once that part is completed, and I feel comfortable sharing my manuscript, I'll send it along to my beta readers. I'll do another round of rewrites, based on their suggestions. I also have a proof reader I'll send my story to, but I wait until my beta readers are finished first before I do that. After my proof reader's job is completed, I'll once again make the necessary changes, and then send off my manuscript to my editor.

See how the process works?

Beta readers play an important role in the literary world, and I think they rock.

Wow. This is brilliant, but how do I get a beta reader?

There are a lot of ways to obtain a beta reader. Ask a friend, family member, teacher, or another author.  I found my first three beta readers  on a writing forum called, Absolute Write.  My beta readers now are fans of my books and part of my street team.

What's a street team?

We'll get to that later. ;)

In the meantime, good luck and best wishes to you!


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