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It was Christmas of so long ago that I don’t even want to count the years. My immediate family had just moved to Germany, so no extended family members would be visiting us this year. I was a pre-teen. Any surly attitudes and angst were either not developed yet, or still lay dormant due to a move where I had no friends, no relatives, and couldn’t even speak the language. My family began the festive Christmas celebration by digging out the tree and ornaments, only to find that some of the more cherished items had been lost during the trek overseas. Plus, our American lights would not work with the German electrical outlets. This didn’t upset my mother. A native German, she wanted to bring in fresh garland and branches and decorate the house in the traditional German style. All I could think of was that this was another change, another deviance from our norm, and that Christmas had been ruined. She drug us out into the woods. Yes, Germany is a very wooded area and she marched us through thick snow and had us collect evergreen branches. We didn’t chop down a tree since she didn’t want to kill something living, so us three kids gathered and hauled what looked like, to me at least, discarded foliage by nature. Our house had a large deck, which was snow covered and a sheet of ice at the time. My mother collected the branches, dug out a porcelain vase and set to work. She put together such a lovely snowy scene, nearly making a tree itself with the branches sticking out of the vase. Since our lights wouldn’t work, my mother went to a local store and bought candle clips. I had never seen these before, but, evidently, they are traditional on a German tree. My mother clipped the little metal contraptions onto the “tree”, putting candles in each one. Once lit, we turned off the light and I was able to enjoy a beautiful Christmas display. Many years have passed, and my mother is now gone. When I think of Christmas at home, I think of her branch display and how wonderful she always made our Christmases.  – Regina Morris

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Paranormal Romance

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First three novels of the COLONY Vampire series.

A covert group of sexy vampires protect the President of the United States. Paranormal Romance series.

ETERNAL SERVICE - Heartbroken widower, and vampire coven master of the covert vampire group that protects the President, Raymond learns that the human director for his team is retiring. The replacement is a human female operative who has no idea that vampires exist. Due to a threat against the President, Raymond is forced to quickly indoctrinate her into vampire culture. He struggles with reborn romantic feeling even though he has sworn never again to pursue a human woman. The female operative, Alex, accepts the Director position, all while battling her past baggage of not trusting men, let alone large immortal ones. Passion emerges within her, but to remain the Director of the team, and keep the dream career position she has fought for many years to attain, she must remain human with no romantic ties to the team.

UNITED SERVICE - Sterling Metcalf is a modern-day vampire who clashes with his father’s antiquated ideals. Being the half-breed of the Colony group, Sterling hates being the team’s weakest link. He jumps at an opportunity to do some fieldwork rescuing kidnapped vampire children and is accompanied by Kate Spencer, the nanny of one of the children. Kate is a purebred vampire with a secret of her own. Can Sterling put aside his bad-boy ways and woo the lovely Kate? Will Kate accept the advances of a half-breed? Together, can they save the children from a religious cult who wants to kill them?

ENDURING SERVICE - Colony Agent Sulie Metcalf, the President’s private physician, has been in love with the same human man for nearly thirty years. She refuses to allow herself the joy of true love because her feelings are unrequited by her human boss, Jonathan Dixon. As Dixon’s retirement looms near, and his memories of Sulie and the last thirty years of his life are about to be erased, does she confront her fear of intimacy and take a leap of faith before it’s too late? Dixon has decided to retire and enjoy what time he has left. When his best friend Sulie, a vampire team member, is kidnapped during a medical emergency, Dixon realizes that retirement means giving up everything, and everyone, he’s known for the last three decades. Will he risk his life, and his heart, to save her?

Author Bio: 

Regina Morris is an award winning author and an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author (in the categories of Paranormal, Vampire, Romantic Series and Romantic Comedy) for her suspenseful paranormal romances that make up the COLONY series. She loves paranormal romances featuring vampires, but her personal taste is suspenseful and lighthearted – not horrific and gory.

The White House, the President, and Washington D.C. are merely backdrops to support her romance stories. They offer some suspense, but her books are romances and not political thrillers.

She has lived in many different parts of the world, and grew up on military bases. Her father was career military and CIA; her grandfather worked with the Secret Service. She graduated high school in Germany and she attended the University of Texas at Austin where she received a degree in Computer Science with a minor in math. Her specialty is social media and she loves connecting with people.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, two children, and two puppies. She enjoys meeting with her critique writing groups and meeting other writers in the Austin area through the WLT and Austin RWA events.

Besides writing, she has past work experience as a software engineer (current job), public speaker, sales representative (#1 National Sales Rep for an online company years ago), and is an amateur portrait and sports photographer.

Please connect with her through various social media.

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