#Star Wars

Who has seen the new Star Wars movie? I haven’t seen it yet. Was it any good? I’m curious because I'd heard there’s a political agenda behind it. I don’t know if it's true, so that’s why I’m asking.

I was four-years-old when I saw the first Star Wars movie in the theater. I loved it! I was hooked. In fact, my dad has my Death Star toy, Star Wars case, and figures. 

I’m a fan at heart for the old Star Wars movies, but the new ones, not so much. I was totally excited when I heard this current movie was coming out because the original characters were going to be in it—until I heard the rumor I just mentioned, then I got put off. L

Do you remember this commercial from 2012? I love it.

Anyway, if you saw the new Star Wars movie, I’d like to know what you thought.