Book Review. Dreamspinner by #Author Merita King

Dreamspinner is a well-written haunting tale. Merita King is a wonderful writer. I was blown away
by her knowledge and ability to write a sci-fi tale. How does she know this stuff? LOL. Not only that, but the descriptions and the way she paints the pictures in my mind are impressive. I’m not going to give the story away or make this into a book report. I’ll tell you this, though, when the characters wake up, alone and without the memory of why they’re there on what seems to be a ghost ship, is deliciously haunting to where you can feel it in the pit of your stomach. That is good writing. Each character has his own issues he has to face and tries desperately to understand what’s going on and if there’s anyone else on the ship. It’s a subtle horror that’s more frightening than teens staying in a cabin, being eliminated one by one by a dude who wears a mask.

I recommend this book to anyone who is into haunting sci-fi tales.    

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