Who is #Ameerah Arrowood?

If you’ve been following these weekly posts, you’ll understand the next ones. If you haven’t, check out my previous posts to get caught up. It’s worth it. :)

I left you last week with Ameerah being murdered in an insane asylum. She dies with hate in her heart towards humanity and then finds herself at a recruiting station for the dark spirits. An Irish lad named Aidan, approaches her and gives her details about his world. Ameerah decides to become a dark spirit so she can have her revenge on the people who double-crossed her. 

Dark spirits can possess soulless humans or humans who allow them to dwell inside their flesh. So imagine living whatever life you want and experience everything your heart desires. 

A soulless human emits, a dull, low humming noise that dark spirits can hear. When Aidan teaches Ameerah to possess one of these hosts, he says, “Step into her energy field and imagine being inside that voluptuous body. Her vitality can be yours if you take it.” With a bit of hesitation and after asking Aidan a few questions about possessing a human, Ameerah does what she’s told and BAM, she’s inside a human body where she can experience whatever the hell she wants. Of course, she  has to get used to inhabiting a vessel, and she shares her struggles with the reader.

Ameerah’s journey begins as a dark spirit, and she excels at it. She makes loyal friends and loves this new existence. They party at speakeasies. They drink, they smoke, have sex, fulfilling their hedonistic desires. With the help of her two friends, Ameerah gets her revenge on those who took everything from her when she was alive. 

Ameerah’s story is an adult thriller, similar to Interview with the Vampire. 


Like Louis who told his tale to a reporter about his life as a vampire, Ameerah tells hers to her dark spirit friend, Derek, wheeling us back into time and through the timelines—the stock market crash, the depression, World War II, etc.—to present day. Sometimes the dead seek salvation, and by divulging her tale to Derek, she hopes he can help her get what she wants.

This book is due to release on January 28th. If the stars are aligned right, it’ll go live that day. I will do one more of these posts next weekend, to share with you something fun I’m planning, to celebrate this release. :)


  1. Interesting premise for the story. I haven't read a book from the pov of the one doing the possessing. Great imagination :-)

  2. Thank you! :) So far the peeps who read the ARC loved it. *fingers & piggies* crossed it does well.