Book Review! Shut-In by #Author Lori Lesko

Shut-In by Lori Lesko is a great book. Omg, the story kept me guessing and on my toes throughout the whole thing. The tale sort of reminds me of The Twilight Zone. It’s brilliant in the sense that you have no idea what’s really going on.

Daisy is the main character in this inventive story. I love her relationship with her older brother Chuck. They’re close. Daisy has several debilitating illnesses that hinder her from leading a normal life. She’s wheelchair bound and refuses to leave her small apartment due to her health problems. Chuck has a well-paying job and helps take care of Daisy. He buys her groceries and checks in on her.

Daisy spends her days staring out her window, watching each one of her neighbors come and go. It’s a form of entertainment for her where she brands them with judgments devised by her lonely and bitter soul. Then one day, a new gal (Shelly) moves into one of the apartments and introduces herself to Daisy. She’s pushy and . . . mysterious. Daisy quickly gets annoyed with Shelly’s overbearing behavior and lets her know about it. But there’s something strange about Shelly which intrigues Daisy. When Shelly gives Daisy a computer to replace the old clunker she has, Daisy is drawn to this fancy computer when the keys light up on their own. She soon discovers something magical about this device and from there the story deepens, and I’m taken down a rabbit hole that twists and turns and keeps me guessing the whole way through.

I’m not going to say what else happens to prevent myself from giving away spoilers, but when I reached the end of this story, I cried. Hell, if I even think about it, I get emotional. LOL. Only a wonderful, creative mind can spin a tale such as this one, and Lori Lesko is one of them. I think everyone should read Shut-In because of the messages in this book are important to receive.  

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