#SALE $3.00 Off The Cover Price! #Ameerah: A Gripping #Paranormal Thriller

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Ameerah is getting great reviews and readers are urging me to get this story made into a movie. I’m flattered. I told them I’ll see what I can do to make it happen, but in the meantime, the world needs to know about Ameerah.
So who is Ameerah and what’s the story about?
I’m a visual person so I’m going to tell you through pictures and teasers.

Like Louis in Interview with the Vampire, Ameerah tells her story on why and how she became a dark spirit who can possess soulless humans. The story begins in present day, then she takes the reader to 1925 when she was alive, having the time of her life as a flapper gal working at a speakeasy, then she’s betrayed by her own parents. She’s wrongfully committed to an insane asylum where horrible things are done to her. 
She’s murdered there. 
She finds herself in a dreary realm that happens to be a recruiting station for the dark spirits. Aidan is her recruiter. He’s Irish. He’s hot. He’s hilarious. He talks her into becoming a dark spirit to seek her revenge on those who double-crossed her. From there he teaches her about his world and how to possess soulless humans–how it all works. The story progresses from there, weaving between timelines, to present day.
Ameerah is seeking salvation, hoping if she tells her story to her dark spirit friend Derek, he’ll help her, and she’ll be able to cross over.
Will Ameerah succeed or will another blow to her fragile heart send her over the edge?
In a nutshell, that’s the story; however, it’s much deeper than that.

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