This is what happens when you get cocky

3/20/2016 , , 1 Comments

At the end of last December, my husband and I were bragging about not being sick in a long time. We were totally cocky about it.

Guess what?

In January, we both got really sick, and I'm sick again.

I wish my cat Church would take care of me like that. I've been running a temp. since last Thursday.

I feel awful.

Why oh why did we say we never get sick?

We jinx ourselves.

I've learned my lesson. I'll never do that again. It feels like some unknown assmonkey source heard Kevin and I bragging about how we haven't been ill in a long time, and a wicked grin crosses the source's face, "I can fix that." His long, thin, knotty fingers sprinkles black dust over our heads.


We're sick.


Thanks a lot asshole.

I'm going to go take a nap now.

*crawls up the stairs and climbs into bed*

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