Book Feature! Deaf Takes a Holiday by #Author Charles Land


Deafened in the first gulf war, Les Huntsman's life circles the drain. Rehabilitation efforts at Fort Harrison Veterans' Hospital does little to deal with the invisible effects of deafness and post-traumatic stresses. Once a rising star in the history department of a private Montana college, he can no longer teach effectively, his fiancée drifts away, and he retreats to an inherited home in the mountains.

To augment meager disability benefits, his recently acquired observation skills to cope with deafness tips odds in his favor at poker tables. Polishing his old abilities with handguns earns him prize money in shooting contests. It all works to build a knack for getting to the bottom mysteries involving firearms. He's noticed by a group of elderly gentlemen in law enforcement who are dissatisfied with directs taken by local police in the shooting death of a popular longtime sheriff. They hire Les to snoop.

His mission is to probe a crime scene already in jurisdictional dispute by city, county, and federal reservation authorities. His assistants provided by the group of good ol' boys are an interpreter for the deaf and a rookie deputy sheriff, both with their own challenges.

Will Les catch the culprit? Or is he the next target?
About The Author: 

Charles grew up in a Montana hunting and competitive shooting family. After serving ten years as a U.S. Army and Montana National Guard small arms competitor and instructor, he continued civilian life as an active certified rifle, pistol, shotgun, personal protection, and home safety instructor. Charles was a Montana hunter educator for thirty-six years.

Charles also grew up loving mystery books. Like characters in Deaf Takes a Holiday, he taught high school and college classes for twenty-six years, including ten years of night school on Rocky Boy and Fort Belknap reservations.

Charles has been totally deaf for the last fifteen years. Currently, he teaches American Sign Language classes and edit novels.  

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