Good News!

I have some good news. Ameerah is being created as an audio book.


The voice actress is great. Her name is Stephanie Keefer. I love working with her, and we make a good team.

Ameerah’s dark spirit recruiter, Aidan, is Irish. I wasn’t sure if Stephanie could pull off an Irish accent, but she did and quite well I might add.

We’re halfway through with production, and I have to tell ya, it’s fun and surreal to listen to each chapter Stephanie sends me to approve. She plays out the characters so it’s not in a boring, yawn-worthy monotone voice where it’ll put you to sleep.

Nope. It's fun and entertaining.

Anyway, if you haven’t read Ameerah, you might want to check it out, or at least read the blurb and reviews, then you’ll have an idea what Ameerah’s story is about. It’ll get you thinking about our world and what’s been going on for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It's a new mythology, folks, one I created with my Beyond the Eyes trilogy, but Ameerah's tale is just that . . . her story. If you enjoyed Interview with a Vampire, I think you'll get into Ameerah's journey through life--first as a human and then as a dark spirit.

If you’re curious. Here’s the Amazon link so you can see what people are saying about Ameerah and read the blurb:

Custom Book Cover Rebekkah Official Ebook

This was after Ameerah was murdered, and she crossed over to the other side.

This is Aidan explaining to Ameerah about the dark spirits.

Cheers! :)