Release Blitz! Owned by #Authors Lauren Landish & Willow Winters

Title: Owned 
Author : Willow Winters & Lauren Landish 

She thought this was a game.  She thought she could walk away.
She thought wrong.

I’ve lived a cold, unforgiving life.  I’ve seen things, I’ve done things, that would break a man. If they didn’t kill him first.

With my past behind me, I have nothing.  No way to atone for my sins and nothing to lift me from the depths of despair I’ve come from. And no one to give me the control that I so desperately desire.

But as soon as I saw Lilly walk through the halls of Club X, something inside my cold heart flickered.  With her large, blue eyes, and her seductive curves, I wanted her.  Lilly, my flower.  There’s a sweet innocence about her that steals the breath from my lungs.  She brings my darkness to the surface, and what’s more… she craves it just as much as I do.

The danger is what lured her to me.  But she didn't realize how intense this would be when she signed that contract.

She thought it was all fantasy and make-believe. But I'm not a knight in shining armor. I'm not a hero from a romance novel. I'm the villain.

And now she wants to leave?
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Willow Winters 

I like my action hot and my bad boys hotter. And I don't hold back on either one in my writing.  I'm so happy to be a #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. I'm so grateful and honored!  I actually started writing after having my little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during my pregnancy with her I read. I only wanted to read romance, and I read EVERYTHING. I would read a book a day — sometimes two.  In January 2016 I was staying up late with her and just thinking of all these stories.  They came to me constantly. And I finally sat down and just started writing. I always wanted to do it so I figured, why not? I never thought I would reach this point of success, to be honest. It’s insane to me that I have so many fans. And I love each and every one of them for all of their support.

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Lauren Landish is a #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. Her Sports Novel Blitzed reached #2 on the US Amazon Kindle Bestseller list and #1 in Canada in May 2016. Additionally, her other books have frequently cracked the top 10 and 20 on the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers lists.

Writing has always been her first love and she's happy to write for women who are thirsty for a little heat in the bedroom!

Lauren now resides in North Carolina with her boyfriend and her fur baby.

Lauren Landish 


EBook Sale! Dark Spirits by #Author Rebekkah Ford. Only .99 Cents. That’s $3.00 Off The Cover Price!


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The Reviews ★★★★★

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"Another fascinating read. I love these books!"


Now immortal, Paige is emotionally and physically stronger than ever. She must find the location of the ancient incantations to prevent mass genocide. But the war against good and evil is spawning another war-a battle between the dark spirits themselves. Paige is saddled in the center of both growing revolutions and is ready to take on the dark forces. But Nathan's overprotectiveness prevents her from taking action, and he's hiding things.

Paige's personal life gets more complicated when Brayden arrives back in town and offers the equal partnership she desperately craves from Nathan. Then there's Carrie and Tree, her two best friends and the only family she has left. Unfortunate circumstances thrust them into Paige's dark world, giving her no choice but to allow Nathan to arm them with combat techniques in hope they'll be able to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Paige is having visions and discovering abilities she was unaware of. When Anwar comes to visit, his weird behavior alarms her. Could he be turning to the dark side?

Time is running out. Paige not only needs to find the incantations but also to untangle the bands around her heart and make a decision that could leave her with a life worse than death—a life of betrayal from the ones she trusted most.

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New Release! Rosinanti by #Author Kevin J. Kessler



Rosinanti (The Rosinanti Series Book 1)

By Kevin J. Kessler

Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure

238 pages


The Rosinanti Dragons are no more. Since their extinction nearly one thousand years ago these primal powerhouses have fallen into the obscurity of history’s forgotten lore. In that time, humans have come to dominate the world of Terra, peacefully ignorant to one horrifying truth: ancient evil stirs around them, waiting to reclaim its lost world. For Valentean Burai, animus warrior of the kingdom of Kackritta, the details surrounding humanity’s victory over the Rosinanti are more than just a history lesson. The long-buried mysteries of this archaic conflict may hold the answers that he has so desperately sought regarding his own past. As the awful truth of the Rosinanti’s supposed demise comes to light, Valentean must stand together with Seraphina, a magically gifted princess, to embark upon a mission to maintain order and light throughout Terra. Only together can these two lifelong friends face down the resurgence of the Rosinanti legacy, and combat the greatest threat their world has ever known.

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Also Available in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback


“Brilliant” ~ Tim Hamlin

“MUST READ FANTASY” ~ Peace & Patriots

“What a way to make a debut!!!!!!!” ~ Allie

“An amazing page turner by Kevin Kessler” ~ Amazon Customer




Rosinanti: The Decimation of Casid (A Rosinanti Novella, Volume 1.5)
By Kevin J. Kessler

Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure

58 pages


While an entire world away, men turn into dragons and ancient magic ignites the air, Casid lived on in peaceful ignorance. This tiny village and its people existed outside of the conflict which threatened to swallow Terra, until the day chaos itself landed upon its shores.

Now, one lone warrior seeks to protect his family, his friends, and the woman he loves as demons rise from the flames to burn everything he has ever loved to ash. This man is no god, no fundamental force of nature. He is simply a man, alone against the fury of chaos.

Casid will be decimated, consumed by the same blaze which threatens to overtake all of Terra. But what will rise from the ashes of this once perfect haven, forged in the fires of tragedy and loss, might become the most fearsome opponent the darkness has ever known.

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Also Available in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback




Kevin J. Kessler lives in Orlando Florida, where he owns the White Dragon Podcast Network, which puts out weekly podcasts on a variety of topics from Walt Disney World, to movies, television, comic books, video games and more.

A lifelong geek, Kessler can often be found at the many theme parks and local attractions in Orlando.

He developed the story for Rosinanti as a sophomore in high school, sixteen years before the book’s release.

Since an early age, Kessler has been an avid reader, often found lost within the magical worlds found within the pages of fantasy novels.

"It was always my dream to create such a world of my very own," he said. "Even as a kid when my friends would want to play Power Rangers or X-Men, I would always create a new Ranger or Mutant rather than portray an established character. There is power in creativity! Creativity breeds creation!"



TWITTER: @KevinJKessler



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Audio Book #Giveaway!


The audio book to Ameerah’s story is out. You can listen to a sample hereà

Here are a couple of reviews I just received from fans who listened to the audio book:

The WHOLE story was great. Listening to this story was wonderful since it seemed as if I was listening in on the conversations and I was pulled into her time. It was as if I had never read the book before and I was feeling wonderfully excited and a bit vulnerable since I was a little frightened listening to it.

Was so good, wanted to keep listening to it. Was like listening to a movie, you could visualize it as it's read! Highly recommend it! 5 stars!

I’m giving away an audio book. Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Put in comments you did.

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That’s it!

I’ll announce the winner this weekend.

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What Is A Beta Reader?

Once upon a time ago, I had no clue what a beta reader was. What the hell are they? I never even heard of the term, until I entered the literary world.

According to Wikipedia, a beta reader is a non-professional reader who reads a written work, generally fiction, with the intent of looking over the material to find and improve elements such as grammar and spelling, as well as suggestions to improve the story, its characters, or its setting. Beta reading is typically done before the story is released to the public. Beta readers are not proofreaders or editors, but can serve in that context.

Elements highlighted by beta readers encompass things such as plot holes, problems with characterization or believability.

I personally think the beta reader’s job is to make sure the story flows, check for plot issues, characterization, believability, spelling and grammar errors. However, it’s not their job to edit your manuscript. What I mean by this is a beta reader is not supposed to carefully read line by line to specifically check for goof-ups. 

Since last Friday, I’d talked to both a self-published and a traditionally published author regarding what a beta reader’s job is. I had also approached a beta reader/proof reader/editor and asked her what she thought about this issue as well. Basically, in a nutshell, all of them told me beta readers are invaluable writer’s aids, but they aren’t editors. Here’s what a beta reader’s job is:

A beta reader’s job is to:

1.) Make sure your story flows nicely.

2.) If there are plot holes, tell you about them.

3.) Point out spelling and grammar errors when he or she spots them.

4.) The believability of the tale. Is it cheesy? Stupid? Too far-fetched?

5.) Characterization. Are the characters relatable? Are they three dimensional? Are they boring cardboard cutouts with no individuality? Are they clones?

6.) Bring it to your attention if you’ve missed something, like in the same scene your character is wearing shorts, and then all of a sudden he has on a ghillie suit and you didn’t explain why. 

Anyway, if you’re an author or plan to be, it’s imperative to have a beta reader or critique partner. You want your story to rock, and the only way to accomplish that goal is to polish your tale as much as you can. With the help of another set of eyes and a mutual understanding of what is expected from both parties, you’ll be well on your way to a kickass novel. 


Do You Believe In Bigfoot?

I don’t know if you know this about me, but when my parents were married, my dad used to hunt for Bigfoot. One time when he came back from one of his trips, he brought back a plastered impression of a huge footprint. I was five at the time and took it to school for show and tell. LOL. My classmates were in total awe. My teacher, on the other hand, rolled her eyes, but hey, I was a rockstar that day. :)

I don’t know if I believe in Bigfoot but that and the paranormal world was a huge part of my upbringing. I think that’s why I love writing paranormal stories. Not to mention, my knowledge and experience aid me in creating those tales.

Anyway, last month, there was a Bigfoot sighting in a town not too far from me. I thought it was interesting.

Bigfoot in rural North Dakota?

Anyway, here’s the article if you want to check it out.

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

What are your thoughts on it?


Do You Need A Break? Let's Escape Together And Go Here.

I’ve been working a lot lately, and though I love winter, all this ice and snow is wearing me down. 

I need a break. 

How about you? 

Are you in?


Blog Tour! A Sinister Bouquet: awakening by #Author A. Nicky Hjort


★* 。 • ˚ ˚•。★A Sinister Bouquet: awakening
          ★ 。* 。by  A. Nicky Hjort

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Thriller: Adult
The page count: 371 as per Amazon Kindle
Devyn Mitchell has a choice… listen to the voice of her unborn baby – or die- again.
After a near death experience, Doctor Devyn Mitchell finds herself not only mysteriously pregnant but able to communicate with her fetus.
She has two choices: give in to total madness or surrender to her new reality, which just may be the only way she and her family will survive the obsessions of the Homeless Hunter’s mind.
A true paranormal romantic thriller, A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening, the first of the Sinister Series, will take you right to the edge of what you know to be possible and then drop you in a place so dark, so terrifying, that the only passageway out is through the blinding light of awakening.
Wake up. Open your eyes. Finally.
We’ve missed you so.
(MA18+ for graphic sexual and violent content)

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WTMO author bio.jpg

profpic.jpgA. Nicky Hjort is originally from Arlington, Texas- the second of five siblings, all of whom have strong creative talents. She currently lives in coastal central California where she practices medicine as an Ob/GYN. In between being a lovingly devoted mother and delivering babies, she writes stories that cross multiple genre lines- from Sci Fi to high fantasy, but all of her stories have thriller and strong romantic components. And for her clever reader, all of her manuscripts are subtly connected to each other, with their purpose to explore all facets of Love and Light. She likes to say that her stories write themselves, and in the process, often write her, or at least the next version of her hoping to emerge. A lover of all the arts, A. Nicky Hjort hopes her stories might inspire you to find your inner creative genius.
As for her heroes- they are as varied and eclectic as her choice of narrative genres, but when pushed to list her favorite influences, she would say James Patterson, Barbara Kingsolver, Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, Gene Roddenberry, Shel Silverstein, Suzanne Collins, and Walt Disney.
Connect with her on FB at,
Twitter at @A_NickyHjort,
Her website is
She thanks you for your attention to her work.

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