Ameerah Is In Audio & The Ebook Is On Sale For A Limited Time!

You can now listen to Ameerah’s story on audio.


You can listen to a sample first and see what you think. So far the peeps who have loves it. Stephanie Keefer narrated it. She’s great. If you listen to the teaser you’ll hear what an excellent job she did with the Irish accent that I wasn’t sure she’d be able to pull off, but she did. J

Check it out on Amazon hereà

Also, Ameerah is on sale for a limited time. Get $3.00 off the cover price. Grab it before the price goes back up.

Check out what readers are saying about Ameerah . . .

“In life Ameerah is a rebellious flapper gal from the 1920s. In death, she’s a vengeful ghost who preys on the living.”

“Ghostly paranormal with a historical twist.”

“Well-researched, well-written, and fun to read.”

“Reading this book had me envisioning this awesome book on screen. I can hear the music in my ears, smell the cigarette smoke and taste the alcohol in between my lips.”

“I am absolutely in love with Ameerah!!! Rebekkah Ford has a way of painting such a visual that I feel as if I’ve been transported to that era and living right alongside the characters.”

I hope you have a wonderful week.