Do You Need A Professional And Affordable Editor?

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Who needs a professional and affordable editor?


I have one to tell you about.

He’s great, and he’s my editor.

Yes, I’m pimping my editor, but it’s because you need to know about him.


He’s been with me since the beginning of my author journey. His name is Chase. He has loads of experience. You can check out his website to read about his background and the testimonies from other authors hereà

Chase used to be a teacher and it shows when he’s editing my manuscripts because throughout the process when he comes across errors I’ve made, he explains them to me, then shows me how to fix them which I love and appreciate. I’m a better writer because of him. He also proofreads, so if you need one, he can help you out there as well. 

Anyway, my next book (Legends of Deceit) is in Chase’s hands right now. It’ll be released sometime this summer. I’ll share more information on LOD in the near future.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend.