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Immerse yourself in a magical world where fairies and werewolves exist alongside each other and an ordinary, foul-mouth 22-year old college student named Haven Evergreen is destined to rule.

Fans of fantasy and paranormal will be captivated by this thrilling and spellbinding new series.

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Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday!!!

It’s Tuesday. I feel like sharing a teaser from one of my books.


Devil’s Third

Genre: YA*Paranormal*Fantasy*Romance

After Nathan gave me a passionate kiss that made me weak in the knees and then left the room, I sat on the couch and went back over the instructions in the Book of Shadows. I didn’t really have to because when I looked at it earlier, my immortal mind had already absorbed all the information I needed. But I did it anyway . . . for comfort I think. Or maybe I was stalling.  Taking a deep breath, I set the book down. Nathan had given me only two hours to do this, so I’d better get on it.

I stepped into the circle and immediately felt a change in temperature. It was much warmer inside this barrier, and I felt at peace, like I had the last time I sat inside it.

Weird, but cool.

I lit the candles, welcoming each element as I did so. After I dipped the point of the Athame into the bowl of salt, I raised it in front of me and said, “Let all malignity and hindrance be cast aside, and let all good enter herein. I bless thee that thou aides me, in the names of Cernunos and Aradia.” Pointing the tip of the knife down, from north back to north, I went around the perimeter. “I conjure thee oh circle of power that thou be a place of love and truth, a shield against wickedness and evil, and a boundary between the world of men and the realms of the mighty ones. I bless thee and consecrate thee in the names of Cernunos and Aradia.”

I set the Athame down, lit the incense sticks that were in an ornately carved holder and waved it in the air, the thick smell of sandalwood engulfing me. Afterward, I picked up the shiny copper bowl, pinched the granules between my forefinger and thumb and then scattered salt from east back to east again. When I finished, I faced that direction with the Athame back in my hand and raised it. Making a sign of a star in the air before me, I said in a commanding voice, “Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the east. Ye Lords of air. I do summon, stir, and call ye up to guard my circle.” Turning to the south, then west, I did the same routine as the first, except I used the element representing each one: fire for south and water for west. When I reached north, again I made the sign of the star before me and said, “Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the north. Ye Lords of earth. Boreas, thou Guardian of the northern portals. Thou powerful God. I summon, stir, and call ye up to guard my circle. So mote it be.” I kissed the tip of the knife before placing it beside the incense on the eastern part of the circle.

The candles flickered and danced around in their short crystal containers, as if a draft  sailed through them. The hair on my arms rose when I noticed the incense smoke twisting and whipping around the edges of the barrier. Taking another deep breath, I sat in the middle, lotus style and closed my eyes, concentrating on turning the lights off. Half a minute later, an instant buzz of energy swirled through me when the shadow behind my eyelids grew darker. I knew then the lights went out, and the high I was feeling came from its energy that transferred into me.


Maybe I shouldn’t have done that because I might be too wired to go into a meditative state.

Crap . . . crap . . . crap.

Sighing, I lifted my hair off my shoulders. I had to at least try and subdue this wiry energy because I didn’t have much time. I switched positions, deciding to lie on my back and took deep, cleansing breaths. In through the nose. Out the mouth. Eyes closed. In through the nose. Out the mouth.




One by one, I concentrated on relaxing each part of my limbs while slowly breathing. The incense entombed my body in its thick, heady aroma, lending assistance in the unseen layer of transcendence.

As each muscle relaxed, the energy inside me became docile, cuing me to focus on Carrie and nothing else.

My mind flipped through memories of her like flash cards, daring to be recognized and answered by Carrie herself. It called to her, and at the same time I realized I could no longer feel my body. I sat up and looked around. The circle around the pentagram was glowing a beautiful lavender color.


The candles were still flickering, the incense still burning. I rose, thinking, okay cool, some magic was going on here. Awesome. At least I’d accomplished casting a circle and providing protection from outside malevolent forces. But now what? Then, something at the edge of my vision caught my attention. I turned, my gaze moving to the figure on the floor.

Holy crap!

The figure was me!

What the hell?


What Readers Are Saying:

“OMG, this was an amazing read. I could not put it down.”

“The Devil’s Third is a wonderful and tantalizing third book in the Beyond the Eyes trilogy. I didn’t want to put it down and hope Rebekkah will continue on with this fantastical trilogy.”

“I love this series by Rebekkah Ford. She has a way of drawing you in and loving her characters.”

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Release Boost! Princely Passions by #Author Alexis Angel

Title: Princely Passions 
Author Alexis Angel 
Genre: Romance 

There isn't a woman alive who can tame the world's most notorious billionaire prince. Many have tried. All have failed.

The world knows him as Prince Pleasure. Lewd, crude, and completely unapologetic. Worshiped by millions of women around the globe, and pined for by those who have had the "privilege" of being one of his many conquests. Living in a penthouse in the skies of New York City, playboy Prince Derrick indulges in a voracious appetite of lust that can be tempered by no one.

Until he goes too far...

What happens when the only woman who can preserve the Prince's lavish lifestyle of pleasure is the first woman whose heart he broke?

The only regret he harbors?

The only one he loved?

A Prince of Sin. And an Angel of Virtue...

When a simple arrangement turns complicated and steamy, it will be the bad boy prince himself who realizes the love he lost. But will he be able to redeem himself? Or will he forever regret his actions?

Come salute this standalone royal romance. A story that's filled with brooding billionaire alpha-males and the women they love. I promise I won't leave you with a cliffhanger, but be warned, the heat level is hotter than a hundred-degree day. Will this bad boy prince get his happily ever after? The answer is one-click away, babe.

Alexis Angel writes steamy contemporary romance about bad boys for the bad girl in all of us. She is still single at 30, in case anyone is interested to know, and still very much looking for love. Her favorite things in the world are flowers, chocolate, lingerie, high heels, lipstick, perfume, and the credit card award miles that she gets from buying all that. Prior to writing, Alexis used to be a financial analyst in New York City. She quickly decided that working for a faceless corporation run by men was not her dream job. So she began to write. And as she began to write, she began to use those credit card award miles to travel all over the world. Alexis is still single, in case you forgot from above. She spends winters in California, fall and spring in New York City, and summers in Europe.


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Audio Release! Micah (Damage Control #1) by #Author Jo Raven


Title: Micah ( Damage Control #1 ) 

Author: Jo Raven 

Genre: Romance 

Performed By Erin Mallon and Tad Branson 

 Produced By PODIUM Publishing

Meet the Damage Control boys - set in the world of the best-selling series Inked Brotherhood.

There's me: Micah Owens. Tattoo artist at Damage Control. No parents or siblings. A past that still gives me nightmares.

And then there's her: Evangeline, the girl who saved my life and haunts my more pleasant dreams. Only she doesn't know who I really am, and telling her might well send her fleeing for the hills. She deserves better than a loser like me. She's pretty. She's clever. She's goddamn sexy and has a heart of gold.

Which is why I can't tell her. A smile from her and I'll do all I can to make her mine - including pretending to be someone I'm not, someone worth having.

Isn't love weird?

Note: This is a standalone novel. No cliffhanger.

Warning: This audiobook contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature listeners only. Not intended for young listeners.

Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven® story.

Find all her books here . 

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Beta's Mark Anthology Out Now! Win A Kindle Fire & Gift Card!

out now!

When the bite, bites back!
Second to the Alpha, but always first in her heart, these stories will tug at your heart strings, steam up your kindle, and leave you panting for more.

Nine USA Today and International Best-Selling authors have created intriguing worlds where the Alpha’s second, is a position of respect and power. Wolves, cats, foxes, and other predators will fight their way through the human world and claim their true mates.

Amazon: https://goo.gl/TGJGAv
Nook: https://goo.gl/HCevfJ
Kobo: https://goo.gl/t7k5az
iBooks: https://goo.gl/qULLbX

A Lion's Claim by Sydney Lea
Beta Trials by Gracie Meadows
Megan’s Mate by Tamsin Baker
Paxson: Call of the Beta by Krista Ames
Night Falls by Nicole Morgan
Protective Instincts by Khloe Wren
Egyptian Destiny by Laura Hawks
Protected by the Beta by Bethany Shaw
Beta Down by Scarlett J Rose

Cameron Murdock has returned to Avalon Bay and is ready to take on the role as his Pride’s Beta, only to discover that the new shifter in town is none other than his mate. Only problem is she has no idea who or what she is.

Hailey James moved to Avalon Bay in search of a quiet life. If only she had known when Mr tall, dark and dreamy walked in, her whole world would change.

Now, with a group of hunters moving to break the treaty, and an unexpected surprise, Cameron will have to go to extraordinary lengths to stake his Lion’s claim.

It’s been a while since Wilder Monrow has been back home. Being a Liger made it difficult for him to be a part of the pride he grew up with. But when his best friend Rowdy Avans took Alpha, he is needed to come back and help with the Beta Trials. Making sure everything is a fair fight should be easy. But when a serious of accidents and a murder take place it set’s Wilder beast on edge. Oh, and the feisty blonde who has his body stirring in the process doesn’t help much either, as she is non-other than the Alpha’s baby sister.

Harper has fought tooth and claw for what she wanted in life. And what she wanted was to sit in the corner, read a book and not have anyone bother her. Well unless that someone was Wilder, the crush she had since she was a little girl. Now he’s back, stirring up her lioness in ways she knows she shouldn’t be. And during this all, she needs to be mindful as she is being watched by everyone, and she, in turn, is watching them.

The compound is on riled up as the trials keep going on, but at what cost? Will Wilder be able to keep Rowdy safe during the events? Can Harper pull in her animal in time before she does something she might regret? And when it all ends, who will remain victorious?

Alpha born female, Megan Nox, has a birthmark which should match her perfect mate's, yet no Alpha male in the Greensborough pack has that same mark. Her fated mate must be outside the pack and Megan is convinced he will be at the upcoming Spring Festival.

Lucas Noll is a Beta in the Robinvale pack which uses and abuses their underlings. The pack to which he is devoted, which should protect him, but which cut the birthmark from his belly. The mark to identify him to his mate. Megan is his mate. He knows it and she feels it, but without the proof, and Lucas’s own feelings of inadequacy, how are they ever going to be together?

Piper Halliday only wanted to get away from her every day, run of the mill, swamped life for a little vacation. What better way than staying in a cabin hidden away from the world, until she no longer feels safe.

Paxson Rivers led a quiet existence in the Windsor Woods. However, his days were numbered. He knew the moment she arrived and he couldn’t help but want her, he just didn’t know why. Linking to a human was against everything he’d ever known or understood.

When Paxson is forced to move in and protect Piper, will she accept her place in the pack or die fighting what she doesn’t understand?

Paul Holton is the leader of the Racinitine Pack. Rising to his position from bloodline and destiny hadn’t been easy for the strong willed young man. Having sacrificed many of the things his kind long for in their reticent existence, Paul knew all he forfeited had been for the greater good.

Kinzey Sloane had been finding ways to get herself into trouble ever since she was a rambunctious young child. Now a reporter for the small press, The Grand Lake Gazette, she was determined to make a name for herself no matter what it costs.

When Paul crosses paths with the tenacious and gorgeous red head, Kinzey he knows he’s in trouble. Not only can he see the fire in her, but he can feel it as well. But when Kinzey gets too close to his secrets, he is faced with making a choice that could not only change his world, but the only life his pack has ever known.

Having a baby is never as simple as it sounds.

Getting snatched off the street wasn’t what Tina had in mind when she said she wanted a break from her over protective mate. And at eight and half months pregnant, she has no chance of fighting him off.

When Connor senses Tina's pain, he knows she’s gone into labor early. But he still has no idea where she is, or who’s with her. With his mate in danger and his Leap threatened, Connor's protective instincts surge into overdrive as he faces down an enemy he didn't see coming.

Essex Baker’s bloodline was hunted down and murdered when he was a small child. He is the last werewolf in the Baker pack and has a constant target on his back. Taken in by a North American pack that protects those pursued by evil, he has worked his way up the ranks to the position of beta. He has trained with MYTHS agents and is committed to protecting humans and supernaturals alike from the evils in the world. When witch, Haven Carson, is brought to the pack for protection, the need to keep her safe overpowers him. The same warlocks that murdered his family are chasing her. She too is the last of her coven. Haven’s essence calls to his wolf in a way that no woman ever has. She is his mate, but she’s harboring a dark secret, one that could destroy Essex.

Haven Carson is on the run. A madman is chasing her and intent on killing her. With nowhere else to turn, she asks her estranged adoptive father for help. He sends her to a little town in Tennessee to a man named Essex Baker. Being around Essex calls to something buried deep inside her. It scares her but also intrigues her.

She doesn’t believe in love. It is cruel and she’s seen firsthand how it can betray a person. Still, there is something about him that draws her in no matter how hard she tries to fight it. Secrets surround her and the more she is around Essex the more things begin to come to light.

Can she trust the man her heart desires or is he a part of the problem and helping the man determined to kill her?

Archeologist Lyra Mayet has uncovered more than she bargained for when she finds the tomb of Horemheb's daughter, Namire. Hidden inside is the key that holds the balance of good.

Anubis' second, Asim has been given the mission by the Egyptian God's to retrieve the Feather of Justice before Set's followers destroy it and bring about a world of chaos.

Teaming up, the two race to reacquire the Feather from Chao's hands before it's too late. Will they succeed or will the world succumb to the Evil waiting to arise?

The Veil between worlds has broken. Otherkin - the Fae, Shifters, Vampires, have all invaded our world, taking slaves, destroying the world as we knew it.

Now, Humans struggle to survive in a world that is no longer theirs to rule. War with the Otherkin has taken so much. What will it take for peace? Harmony? Unity? Sanctuary?

For Jay, A human woman surviving in this harsh new life, it comes in the form of a wounded shifter, Bolt.

But will their people tear them apart, or will they find some way to be together as the Fates intended?