Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday!!!

It’s Tuesday. I feel like sharing a teaser from one of my books.


Devil’s Third

Genre: YA*Paranormal*Fantasy*Romance

After Nathan gave me a passionate kiss that made me weak in the knees and then left the room, I sat on the couch and went back over the instructions in the Book of Shadows. I didn’t really have to because when I looked at it earlier, my immortal mind had already absorbed all the information I needed. But I did it anyway . . . for comfort I think. Or maybe I was stalling.  Taking a deep breath, I set the book down. Nathan had given me only two hours to do this, so I’d better get on it.

I stepped into the circle and immediately felt a change in temperature. It was much warmer inside this barrier, and I felt at peace, like I had the last time I sat inside it.

Weird, but cool.

I lit the candles, welcoming each element as I did so. After I dipped the point of the Athame into the bowl of salt, I raised it in front of me and said, “Let all malignity and hindrance be cast aside, and let all good enter herein. I bless thee that thou aides me, in the names of Cernunos and Aradia.” Pointing the tip of the knife down, from north back to north, I went around the perimeter. “I conjure thee oh circle of power that thou be a place of love and truth, a shield against wickedness and evil, and a boundary between the world of men and the realms of the mighty ones. I bless thee and consecrate thee in the names of Cernunos and Aradia.”

I set the Athame down, lit the incense sticks that were in an ornately carved holder and waved it in the air, the thick smell of sandalwood engulfing me. Afterward, I picked up the shiny copper bowl, pinched the granules between my forefinger and thumb and then scattered salt from east back to east again. When I finished, I faced that direction with the Athame back in my hand and raised it. Making a sign of a star in the air before me, I said in a commanding voice, “Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the east. Ye Lords of air. I do summon, stir, and call ye up to guard my circle.” Turning to the south, then west, I did the same routine as the first, except I used the element representing each one: fire for south and water for west. When I reached north, again I made the sign of the star before me and said, “Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the north. Ye Lords of earth. Boreas, thou Guardian of the northern portals. Thou powerful God. I summon, stir, and call ye up to guard my circle. So mote it be.” I kissed the tip of the knife before placing it beside the incense on the eastern part of the circle.

The candles flickered and danced around in their short crystal containers, as if a draft  sailed through them. The hair on my arms rose when I noticed the incense smoke twisting and whipping around the edges of the barrier. Taking another deep breath, I sat in the middle, lotus style and closed my eyes, concentrating on turning the lights off. Half a minute later, an instant buzz of energy swirled through me when the shadow behind my eyelids grew darker. I knew then the lights went out, and the high I was feeling came from its energy that transferred into me.


Maybe I shouldn’t have done that because I might be too wired to go into a meditative state.

Crap . . . crap . . . crap.

Sighing, I lifted my hair off my shoulders. I had to at least try and subdue this wiry energy because I didn’t have much time. I switched positions, deciding to lie on my back and took deep, cleansing breaths. In through the nose. Out the mouth. Eyes closed. In through the nose. Out the mouth.




One by one, I concentrated on relaxing each part of my limbs while slowly breathing. The incense entombed my body in its thick, heady aroma, lending assistance in the unseen layer of transcendence.

As each muscle relaxed, the energy inside me became docile, cuing me to focus on Carrie and nothing else.

My mind flipped through memories of her like flash cards, daring to be recognized and answered by Carrie herself. It called to her, and at the same time I realized I could no longer feel my body. I sat up and looked around. The circle around the pentagram was glowing a beautiful lavender color.


The candles were still flickering, the incense still burning. I rose, thinking, okay cool, some magic was going on here. Awesome. At least I’d accomplished casting a circle and providing protection from outside malevolent forces. But now what? Then, something at the edge of my vision caught my attention. I turned, my gaze moving to the figure on the floor.

Holy crap!

The figure was me!

What the hell?


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