My Furbaby Is A Thief

This is Church. 

He’s my furbaby. I love him to bits. He’s snuggly and huggable. He’s a big cat, but let’s face it . . . he’s fat and has an anal gland problem. Let’s not even go there. LOL. 

Last week I had to take him to the vet because he kept scooting his butt across the carpet . . . yeah, impacted anal glands. Anyway, he needs to lose weight. He was 22 pounds, and I got him down to 18, but now he’s 19 pounds. I would put him on special diet food, but the last time I did, he became despondent and anti-social. I decided to cut his food portions instead, but then I ended up giving him a little bit more and treats once or twice a week. After his last vet appointment, I told Church (not like he understood me, but hey ya never know, right?) he was back on his diet. Well, look what I discovered the other night-à 

Now I know why he was so anxious to go into the basement. The little sneak poked a hole in his new bag of cat food. He sure loves to eat. The bag is now up on a shelf where Church can’t reach it. After the hubster taped over the hole, and I put the bag up in a safe place, Church wanted into the basement. He immediately went to the spot where his bag of food was. I laughed and said to him, “Hahaha! I discovered what you were doing, sneaking some extra food on the side. No more, buddy. You’re on a diet.” He looked at me with his big, round green eyes like, “Hey, what did you do with it?” Sorry buddy, but if it comes down to having your vet stick her finger up your ass to clean out your anal glands or putting you on a diet . . . um, you’re going on a diet for sure. Just sayin'.