Tarot Cards Anyone?

I was going through my stuff the other day and look what I found.

I also have The Rider Tarot deck my BFF bought me for Christmas when we were teens, and I have an Angel deck. But I love this one the best. The pictures are awesome.

Anyway, I used to do tarot card readings many moons ago. I decided to do a reading on myself last night. Here are the cards I pulled from the deck.

I have to tell you guys . . . this reading was totally accurate. I could go through each card with you and pick apart the reading, but then this would be a long ass post. So I’ll tell you what the last card says since it ties everything together. Here’s the last card.

Adventure, Independence, Travel.

Travel. A long path ahead. This card speaks to the need to perfect skills in working and living, but it acknowledges in having a sound grounding in the basics.

Optimistic, innocent, and willing to learn. This card also shows that intuition serves us well—but only if we pay attention to it.

This card does not necessarily refer exclusively to the beginnings; it can also signify a progression along a path, moving into the unknown from the known, a new phase in an ongoing process. 

There needs to be a balance between the intuitive and the rational as one approaches the unknown.

Consider where you are going. What are your long-term goals? What are you doing that is helping you move toward them?

This reading was spot on with what’s been recently going on with my life and my future plans. I have a two-year plan that will involve: Adventure, Independence, and Travel. So if everything flows together, in two years or less, those three things will be my life.

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