Are You A Born Writer Or Do You Have To Make Yourself Into One?

I’ve seen this question asked many times in the literary world. Is there an inherent gene one receives from a relative that gives her the ability to write and create stories?

Are you born a writer?

A writer knows without a doubt that’s what she wants to do. 


It’s her passion. 

End of story. No pun intended. 

She will write for ten hours straight without even thinking about it. She will give up her social life and get up an hour early before work so she can continue creating her stories. She has an unstoppable drive to pursue this dream of hers to churn out books for a living.

It’s sweet madness with some S&M thrown in for good measure—the joy of writing a good sentence, paragraph, scene and the pain of being stuck on one of those three things. Sometimes the tale you’re writing likes to teeter-totter from sheer elation to utter frustration and hair pulling.

You get the point.

My great-aunt writes for a living.

So did I inherent this obsessive need and passion to create fantastical tales and toss them into this world so people will read and hopefully enjoy them? Or, did I just decide one day I wanted to become an author?

Perhaps it’s a little bit of both. I suspect the interest of books and writing one is a genetic trait. I’ve been writing and reading stories most of my life. However, my sister has no interest in either one. She is a wonderful photographer and can draw. I on the other hand suck at those two things. I also have zero passion for them. So I inherited the literary gene, but that doesn’t mean I was a born writer. It just means I have a great interest in it, which gives me the drive to educate myself about the literary world and do everything I need to do to become a fabulous writer and achieve my goal to create stories for a living.

So are we born writers?

Yes and no.

It might be in your DNA giving you that boost to gravitate toward books and the art of writing, but it’s up to YOU to do all the work. It’s up to YOU to mold yourself into this extraordinary author, freelance writer, poet, etc. You just have to really want it and nothing will stop you to achieve your dream.