Videos A Non-Techie Gal Created.

Hey, Everyone. I’m not going to lie. I suck at technology.

I do.


I wish I had the techie brain, but I don’t. I know enough to get by. That’s it. However, I must not be a complete computer moron because I was able to create the following videos. The first one I made like five flippin’ years ago. It’s a book trailer for my first book (Beyond the Eyes) which is FREE hereà

Book Trail
(The first one I ever made.)

I didn’t create one for the second book (Dark Spirits) in the trilogy. I don’t know why. I probably will in the future. I did create this one for my third book (The Devil’s Third) in the trilogy. It’s my favorite one. I love it. Check it out hereà

Not too long ago I made this video about my trilogy, its companion, and a spin-off book. Here it isà

I also recently created this book trailer for my new release Legends of Deceit. It came out better than I thought. Check it outà

So I need to make one for Ameerah, Tangled Roots, and Dark Spirits . . . or would like to. Right now I’m writing the first draft to the second book in my Legends of Deceit series. I hit the halfway mark the other day.


I have a lot going on in my life and would like this next book to be published at the beginning of 2018. I’ll see how things go. I’m not going to stress about it. I have an exciting future planned out. I’ll share it with you when things start rolling.

Anyway, if a non-techie gal like myself can create videos, so can you. It’s a fun way to advertise your work or business—to get it out into this world.