Life Changing Plans

Hey, Everyone!

I have some major things going on in my world—life-changing events.


On the book side of it. The rough draft of Legends of Deceit book two is more than halfway done. I should have a title for it any time now, then my cover artist and I will be working on a cover.

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This is one of many T-shirt collections I’m creating and soon I’ll have my own designs and store, so stay tuned. 
This is all part of my life-changing plans.

Baby steps.

Do you want to know what it is?

Okay, I’m going to spill the beans as they used to say. Remember though, this is going to take time. It’s a 2-year plan—hopefully, less. And if you want to take the journey with me, I’ll give you the link to my new website once everything is up and running.

1.) I’m going to open up my own online store.

2.) I’m going to continue writing books AND start freelance writing.

3.) My husband and I are starting our own website with our own brand/trademark that we’re filing with the government so no one else can use it. So right now I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but it’s inspirational. We’ll have our own Youtube channel and e-store--separate from my own store--on our site along with my books, of course.

4.) We're working toward a minimalistic life and let me tell you, it’s liberating. Honestly, it makes me happy. Collect memories, not things is one of my mottos.

5.) I’m eventually going to be a digital nomad which is very exciting. I can't wait. 

What the hell is a digital nomad?

Basically, we’re going to live full-time in our class A RV and go on adventures in the United States. I’ll be working remotely (digital nomad) on my laptop. So we’re still paying our way. We’re going to do a documentary of the whole thing among other things.

See? Life changing.

I have a lot to learn, you guys. That’s what I have been doing lately, besides writing my next book.

So now you know.

Once I get our website up and things into place, I’ll post the link here and give you more information on what’s going on and how we’re doing it. I hope you’ll follow us and on our nomadic journey and my books as well.