Sleepless Night

Monday night was not a good one for me. I was having problems with my computer to where I could no longer use it, and then I lost my Wifi signal.


I handled the situation rather well.

I didn’t stress out.

I didn’t fall prey to allowing myself get into a bad mood.

I kept my cool.

I’ll just call my computer guy tomorrow. He’ll fix it for me.

No probs.

Then the next thing happened.

Something Kevin and I both hate.

Hate is a dark and ugly word, you guys.

I don’t use it freely.

We got into an argument.

It wasn’t good.

We’ve been together for over 24 years, and we’re BFF.

We have a blast together.

We adore each other.

Hell, we still hold hands wherever we go.

We write sweet and loving notes to each other every day.

I know that all relationships go through what we went through last night.

I still hate it, though.

We only got two hours of sleep.

Yeah, last night sucked ass.

However, we spent the whole morning talking, and we got it handled.

We’re all good now.

Tired, but good.

So we spent the morning talking, I got my computer fixed (yay!), we took an hour nap, then made a list of everything we want to do once we start renovating Aesop (RV).

It’s exciting.


Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit of my personal life with you to let you know we all go through some hard times in relationships—even solid relationships like what Kevin and I have.

I’d like to think we’re now stronger because of it.

We learned some useful information about ourselves, and now we can apply it to our lives in a positive manner.

Because that’s what life is all about, right?




And . . .