Surprising and Exciting Turn Of Events

Hi Everyone.

2018 is a year of change for me.

Big change.

But believe it or not, there will be even bigger changes for me in the future.



I’m going to keep this post short, so if you want to know more along the way, keep checking back.

One of the changes is going to be this blog. I love Blogger and I love the way my site looks. It’s so cute.

Love it!

However, the life-changing events in my life demands for me to revamp this blog, therefore, in the near future it’ll be under construction. Once it’s done, I think we’ll all love it . . . or must of us. We can’t please everyone, right? I can see in my head how I want it. Now it’s a matter of putting that same picture into the web designer’s head. But it’s going to be a mixture of my books/writing/travel/adventure/inspiration

So that’s one change out of many in my life that will occur this year, and I thought I’d tell you that one straight up since you visit my blog and you’re awesome. J

I don’t know if you've noticed but my link I had redirected to here. So now this blog has two links.

Why did I get rid of my Wordpress landing page for my books and had the URL redirected to Wandering Thoughts of a Writer?

Honestly, Wordpress is a pain in my ass. I’ve had it for a few years and from the start, I’ve had nothing but technical problems, and I’m not techy. I wish I had the techy brain for it, but I don’t. So I kicked Wordpress to the curb.

Anyway, once the new and improved blog is live, I’ll share with you the decision the hubster and I made that’s going to change our lives and leave some people scratching their heads.