One of The Things You Hope to Accomplish As a Writer.

A couple days ago I received a chapter from my writing/critique partner to critique for her. When I was reading it, I was not only surprised, but a little freaked out. And let me tell ya, I haven’t been freaked out by something I’ve read in a very long time.

As a writer that’s one of the things you hope to accomplish–to pull the reader into the story so they feel like they’re actually there and are emotionally involved in it. My writing partner did a good job doing that, so much so, I almost feel like saying. . . .


Just kidding, Valentina. :). Lol.
When I was writing, ‘Beyond the Eyes,’ I'd ask my critique partners if they felt anything while they were reading a chapter of mine that was suppose to be emotional or funny. Thankfully, they did. So hopefully, when the public eventually reads it, it’ll have the same effect on them as well. I know I’ve read it like a hundred times or more (I’m actually reading it right now–again) and I still feel those emotions when I read it. I don’t know if it’s because I wrote it, or if it's the real deal. However, my critique partners laughed and cried while reading it, so maybe it’s the real deal.

In my last post I’d said that I think the young adult paranormal genre is going to evolve into more creative and bolder stories–not that the books out now are less creative. I’m more or less talking about the trends that have been going on for a while now. I think new things will emerge out of the woodwork and what my critique partner is writing now, is a prime example of that. So hopefully I’m right, and once she gets it published, it’ll do well. I’ll certainly back her up on it.

Go Valentina!

*Jumps up and down. Tries to do the splits, but pulls a leg muscle instead.*

Over the weekend I decided to reread my first book, and then do the rewriting/editing on my second book, before I write the third one.

Anyway, as I’m writing this post, I can hear gunshots in the distance from hunters. It’s too far away for a bullet to whiz through my window straight into my skull (I know what a lovely thought, huh?).

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about stuff like that, but sometimes my imagination runs away with me, twisting in all different directions.

On that note, I shall take a respite from this world for a while, and fall into the world I’ve created.