The ‘80s.

I grew up in the ‘80s and I miss that time.

The music back then (in my opinion) was much better.

Remember MTV when they actually had music videos?

I miss that.

We didn’t have cell phones and the internet back then. Hell, most of us didn’t even own a computer, but it was still cool during that time.

Remember the Atari?

Our games were Pac Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, etc. Simple games, but they were fun at the time.

And the movies were cool too.

Yeah, there are movies now that are totally cool too. However, it seems with a lot of the movies today; the special effects are more important than the story.

Remember the movie The Breakfast Club?

That movie turned into a cult classic because it was a good story. It was told and filmed in a way so we could all relate to it.

I know and I'll admit, if you go back and watch some of the ‘80s movies, they’re cheesy compared to what we have now. But still, there were a lot of good movies back then that’s still good today.

Remember Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy rocked in the ‘80s.

Yeah, in his stand-up comedy routine he had a foul mouth, but so what. He was hilarious. In fact, remember this scene from Delirious?