I thought I’d update you on some of the things I had previously posted about . . .

The seventeen-year-old girl who was in a car accident not too long ago finally woke up from her coma. She’s talking and should be able to go home sometime this week. I don’t know anything else but that. I’ve heard she’s a bit slow, and her memory is foggy. I’m not sure if that’s true or not because living in a small town like I do, stories tend to get distorted when it’s circulated from person to person. So I’ll have to ask her mom when I see her again.

Some of the people in my town got together and had done a benefit for that girl to financially help her and her family out.

That’s one of the wonderful things about living in a small community. When a tragedy happens, the community gets together to help that person and family with whatever they need.

The family of the sixteen-year-old girl who was driving and died already had the funeral.

The convenience store here in town wrote on one of those signs–you know, the signs where they slide letters into a big square board that stands on a tall pole–‘We’ll miss you, Ashley.’

When I drove by and saw it, I bursted into tears. My town also made bracelets with Ashley’s name on it, to raise money for her family.

I’ll tell ya what, when I see people come together in love and support for one another, it deeply touches me and restores my faith in humanity.

Do you know what I mean?

Every day we see so much violence, hurt, and pain in this world. But there are people who genuinely love and care for others. I’m fortunate enough to experience that here, and will forever be grateful for it.

Now moving on to my shower situation.

Kevin had pulled off the surround in the shower, and we ran into a plumbing problem. It wasn’t as bad as we thought; however, we were without a shower for over a week. After the plumber took a look at our problem, he showed us how we could take a bath until the part he needed to fix it came in. So that’s what we did. I don’t particularly care for baths because it’s like sitting in your own dirt, but I prefer that to taking a sink bath.

When Kevin did the drywall and hung the new surround up, it was difficult to do. The reason why is because the walls in old houses are crooked. I asked Kevin why, and he told me because back in the 1930s they didn’t have the equipment we have today to build houses. Therefore, Kevin had to fit the new surround on those crooked walls.

Anyway, that’s all taken care of.

On Saturday, Kevin began tearing down our front inclosed porch. The floor slants down because it used to be a regular porch. They built it that way so when it rained the water would run away from the house. However, the numbnuts who built the inclosed porch did it half ass. So we ran into a bigger problem.

I’ll spare you the further details, but in short, the porch is going to be expensive to rebuild. On the bright side, though, it’ll be done right and will add value to our house.

Work is still challenging, but eventually I’ll get through it. What I’m doing is dealing with today instead of worrying about tomorrow. And this job will help me accomplish my goals.

My editor is awesome, but I already told you guys that. :) I’ve been working with him, so I’ve been super busy.

Speaking of super busy, I have to go to work now. I hope you have a good week. I’ll be back on Friday.