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Guess what?

I found an editor.


*Does a happy Snoopy dance*

And not only is he awesome, but his fees for his editing services are reasonable.

He’s been line editing my manuscript and making suggestions along the way as well. He also told me I’m a really good writer with really good skills, and I have a talent.

That made me happy because another editor had told me the same thing. But honestly, even though those editors and my critique partners had told me that, I won’t know for sure until the public reads my book(s). I mean, what they said means a lot to me, and I totally appreciate it. However, the person who buys and reads my book(s) is what really matters.

Do you know what I mean?

Because they’re the ones who will be spending their hard earn money to buy my book(s), and I want them to be satisfied with it. That’s why I’ve been diligently working on these books, so they can be worth the consumer’s time and money. Not to mention, I love the characters and this series.

Anyway, on Wednesday I received my first three chapters back from my editor, so now I have to go through them and make the changes he suggested. That’s a lot of work, but so worth it. By the time I’m done with this whole editing process, my manuscript is going to be all sparkly, and the Angels from heaven will be singing.


Well, maybe not.

But my manuscript surly will sparkle. :)

Happy Friday!

Oh. I was just tagged in the Lucky 7 meme by my wonderful cover artist, Stephanie. I have to go to page 77 in my manuscript, go to line 7, and then copy that line or paragraph into this blog. I'm also suppose to tag 7 authors to do the same thing.

Here's my 7 lines from page 77 in Beyond the Eyes.

"Nathan, I’m sure," I said. "When I was a little girl, I didn’t play with dolls. Instead, I was outside playing BB gun wars with the boys. In fact, I still have my Red Ryder rifle." I loved Reddy. We had lots of fun together, and I never shot my eye out.

If you're an author reading this, I just tagged you. :)

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