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There was a time not too long ago when I had seriously contemplated learning how to edit myself and not hire an editor.

Boy, was I wrong.

I’m so glad I didn’t follow through with that idea.

Omigod, you guys. That would have been a HUGE mistake.

Kevin even told me since my book had been critiqued several times, I didn’t need an editor.


So believe me, if you’re self-publishing, you need to have your manuscript edited before you publish it. I don’t care how good you are with editing. Another qualified person needs to go through it.

What makes a good editor then?

All I can tell you is what I’m going through. I’m sure each editor is different, but so far this is what I’ve been experiencing with mine . . .

When I receive my edits, each chapter is gone through line by line. He checks everything: punctuation, grammar, spelling.

He’s been catching things I wasn’t aware of, such as over using the same words like "wrapped" or "eyes."

I think it’s cool he’s pointing this stuff out because for one, my story is becoming even better, and for another, I’m learning from it.

Not only that, he makes comments as well.

He’ll tell me why a comma does or doesn’t need to be there, etc.

He’ll give me his opinion on what the characters are saying, doing, the scene, etc.

If something makes him laugh or draws any emotion out of him, he lets me know, which is great.

He also gives me compliments so I know it’s all good.

And he’s honest.

If in a scene I’ve said the same thing twice but in a different manner, he’ll tell me.

Anyway, to me, that’s what makes a good editor, and I’m very lucky to have mine. :)

Happy Friday!