Never, Ever Give Up.

5/21/2012 , , 0 Comments

Last Friday, I ran across this video. When I watched it, I cried. It’s very inspirational. If you have five minutes to spare, I urge you to watch this. Be prepared though, it might make you cry.
I’m not going to lie, sometimes I feel like giving up, and I can totally empathize with this guy. But the thing is, when it comes to my writing and this paranormal series I’m putting out, I can’t quit. I love it too much. There are times though, when I get exhausted and wonder if I should continue to pursue this dream of mine.

But I’m a junkie–addicted to story telling. So much so, I’m hell bent on doing this for a living. Even if I have to sacrifice my time and sleep to make it happen.

I read the other day that writers are prone to madness.


Is this sadomasochistic drive I have . . .

Before I finish that sentence lets face it when you labor over a scene you seem to can’t-get-right, you totally want to pull your hair out and cry. But then something magical happens. Your heart begins to pound as an intense rush comes over you, your fingers flying against the keys, trying to keep up. Once you’re done, you feel giddy, drunk on the high of just writing a really cool frickin’ scene.

Oh yeah, baby.

That’s what I’m talking about.


So again, is this sadomasochistic drive I have to become an accomplished writer, going to eventually make me looney tunes?

God, I hope not.

Can you imagine a home just for writers who lost their marbles? That would actually make a good story.

Maybe I should get a bag of marbles and give it to Kevin for safe keeping. :) Like Tootles (one of the Lost Boys) in the movie, ‘Hook.’ With age, he becomes senile and wanders around saying repeatedly that he lost his marbles. When Peter Pan is preparing to leave Neverland, the Lost Boys gives him a small bag of marbles. The marbles are Tootles. He lost them there. Peter Pan then goes back to London and gives Tootles his bag of marbles. In the bottom of the bag, Tootles discovers pixie dust, which he uses to return back to Neverland.

Bag of marbles + pixie dust = Neverland.


Bag of marbles + the magic inside you = the life YOU create with your own two hands.

Which one would you choose?