My Happy Place

I believe everybody has a happy place, a place that gives them peace and joy. I believe everybody has more than one, like a place where you can go right before you fall asleep, being in the arms of your true love, getting lost in a book, playing with your cat or dog . . .

You get the idea.

On Saturday, I revisited one of my happy places–I wrote chapter twenty to The Devil’s Third.

Lately, I’ve been balled up in a knot over everything. So much so, I’ve been nit picking everything. That’s totally not me, and I didn’t realize it until Kevin mentioned it.

Thank God for Kevin’s honesty.

So on Friday after my wonderful critique partner asked me when I’d be sending her my next chapter to The Devil’s Third because she was dying to read it, I decided I’d spend Saturday writing it.

So I did and found my happy place. :)

I found my peace.

The tightness in my chest loosened, and my whole body sighed with relief. I decided right there, regardless of having to keep marketing, Beyond the Eyes to spread the word about it, I must make time to write my stories. I have to trust things will work out, and if I’m lucky, maybe one day I’ll be able to spend my days writing my stories and sharing them with the world.

That my friend, is one of my happy places. :)

Anyway, I did another interview and it’ll be posted this Wednesday. I’ll post the web address here Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before I go to work. I also should be getting my books this week. I wish I can show you how awesome my book looks, but my stupid camera won’t transfer the pictures onto my computer. I just spent almost an hour trying to figure out why, and I still don’t know what the deal is.


I’ll be doing a book signing in my town soon. I haven’t set a date yet because I need to visit with the owner, but that’ll be an experience I’ll have to share with you.

Well, I must be off. I hope all of you are well and happy. :)