Liebster Award

7/30/2012 , , , 3 Comments

I won the Liebster Blog Award.


Ana at The Adventures Within blog, had informed me this morning that I won.

Thanks, Ana!

So what is the Liebster Award?

It’s an award that was started in Germany to give to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and also to be recognized for their hard work. Liebster in German means, dearest, but it can also mean, favorite.

When Ana told me I won the award I was like, "Wow. Cool!"

Not too long ago I had mentioned I wasn’t striving to win a blog award. But hey, this is awesome and it made my day.

Anyway, there are rules that go along with this award. Here they are:

1.) Each person must post 10 facts about themselves.
2.) Answer 10 questions the tagger has given you and give 10 questions for the people you tagged.
3.) Choose 10 people and link them in your post.
4.) Tell them you’ve tagged them.
5.) Remember, no tags back.

So here are ten facts about me:

1.) I have a stuffed racoon named Coonie, that I cuddle with when I’m sad.
2.) I love dogs, but I don’t have the patience to take care of them.
3.) I’m a homebody, so I really don’t like to travel much.
4.) I don’t believe in organized religion, but I am a spiritual person.
5.) I have an irreverent sense of humor.
6.) I’m an emotional person. If something or someone touches my heart, I get choked up.
7.) I’m not afraid to die.
8.) I’m stubborn.
9.) I can’t watch commercials about abused animals. It hurts my heart too much and makes me cry.
10.) I love the woods and plan to live in them or nearby, some day.

Now here are the questions I was asked to answer, along with my answers:

1.) Name one book that you regret buying and wish you hadn’t read.

Actually, I don’t regret buying any books because I’ve learned from each one I had bought. However, I had bought Lord of the Flies, and I didn’t like the way it was written. It was a total yawner (is that even a word?). I don’t regret buying it though, because it's a classic.

2.) A book that you really want but haven’t been able to buy.

The original first Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).

3.) What actor or singer would you want to meet if they were alive?

Marilyn Monroe

4.) Do you have an OCD?

Not really. . . Well, I do tend to narrate what I’m doing.

Example: I’m going to change my clothes, eat something, and then read for a while.

5.) If all the hot superheros asked you out which one would you pick?

If I wasn’t married or never met Kevin, it would be . . . I don’t know because here’s why:

Batman–When he disguises his voice, it annoys me.

Superman–He’s too goody-goody, and his outfit is lame.

Spiderman–He’s too skinny, and I hate spiders (see answer below).

Incredible Hulk–He’s too big, green, and looks like a Neanderthal.

Thor–I’m not attracted to long blond-haired guys. Eeew.

Ironman–Now, I might go out with him. Hmmmm.

Okay, I changed my mind. I’d go for Ironman.

6.) Your Phobias?

See below

7.) Do you have a phobia, if so what?

Yes. Spiders, wasps, ticks, roaches, and big things like grizzly bears.

8.) If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?


9.) Favorite ice cream flavor or drink?

Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

10.) Something you can’t live without?

Here are the blogs I choose for this award:

1.) Sweet Tooth Reviews
2.) Bazinga
3.) Books and Movies
4.) Tale Spins
5.) Threads
6.) Life in the pages
7.) she really does love books
8.) leopard kitty books
9.) Lost in a Sea of Words

10.) The Random Ranterer

Here are the questions for the above people:

1.) If you had to be an animal, which animal would it be and why?
2.) If you could have one super power, what would it be?
3.) What is your pet peeve?
4.) If you had the opportunity to know when you were going to die, would you want to know?
5.) If the vampire Lestat offered you immortality as a vampire, would you do it?
6.) If your house was haunted by friendly spirits, would you move?
7.) If you found a Ouiji board under a wooden floorboard in a 300-year-old house, would you play with it?
8.) If you found a time machine that worked, which time would you go back into?
9.) If you could change anything in this world, what would it be?
10.) If an alien mothership came to earth, along with smaller ships, and positioned themselves around the world in each state and country, what would you do?


  1. Aww!! Thanks for picking my blog!! I'm going to have to find 10 people to tag first :P Anyways, I am very shocked that you forgot to mention Captain America for the superhero question. I mean, come on. He's pretty sexy.

  2. You're welcome. :) I thought about Captain America, but I don't know anything about him. I have to watch the movie. :)

  3. Your welcome Rebekkah, I love your answers and I also hate spiders they are creepy!