Twilight Heartbreak

I usually don’t get caught up or pay much attention to celebrity gossip because it’s none of my business what goes on in their personal life, and anyway, most of it is probably embellished by the reporters so they can sell more magazines. However, when I saw what was going on with Kristen and Robert, I couldn’t ignore it.

I’m not a huge Twilight fan. I do have all the books though, and I’ll admit, I’ve read them more than once. Not because Stephanie Meyer’s writing is exceptional.

It’s not.

I also don’t like that Bella has a self-depreciating attitude, and she’s co-dependent on Edward, and the whole sparkling vampire deal . . . Lame. However, the story is captivating and despite those flaws, it pulls you in.

I do have to give kudos to Stephanie Meyers though, because I’ve discovered while stalking other people’s blogs (yes, I’m a stalker) there are people who started writing stories because of her. There are also people who have never got into reading books, until they read Twilight. So I’m giving Stephanie a virtual pat on the back because Twilight has inspired countless people to read and write.

Anyway, I’m sad about what’s going on with Kristen and Robert. She publicly admitted she kissed her Snow White and the Huntsman director and apologized profusely to Rob for her indiscretions. There were steamy pictures taken of Kristen and Rupert (director) embracing and making out, so of course she had to come clean. I just wondered if she would have if those pictures had never surfaced.

I feel so bad for Rob.

I had read he once said in an interview that when he’s with one person, he’s with that person all the way. He also had said he never understood why people would cheat. If he did actually say that, it seems to me he’s a monogamous type of person, which one should be in my opinion. So if he’s really like that, I bet Kristen’s betrayal totally crushed him.

Poor guy.

Kristen publicly said what she done had jeopardized the most important thing in her life, the person she loves and respects the most, which is Rob. And then she ended the apology with "I love him. I love him. I’m so sorry." Shortly after (according to the tabloids of course), Rob kicked her out of the house they shared and won’t answer her calls.

Having that fling with her director, who is married by the way, was a lapse of judgment on her part and apparently she’s devastated.

A source close to Kristen had said Kristen didn’t have an affair with Rupert, it was one fleeting moment. But still, why would she do that if she loves Rob so much?

I’m not judging her or anything. I mean, I don’t know her and nobody but her and Rupert really knows what happened between them. My heart breaks for Rob though, and I honestly hope they work it out. I think they make a good couple, and although I don’t know them personally, they seem like good people. If she honestly just had that one fleeting moment with Rupert and that was it, and if she and Rob truly love each other, I think they can still make their relationship work. Of course, there would be trust issues to overcome, not to mention constantly being scrutinized by the public because they’re famous. But I’m a romantic at heart, and I think if Kristen didn’t sleep with Rupert, and if she and Rob are meant to be together, they can work it out.

What do you think?


  1. I think that even if they do get back together they will never be the same. Rob will never be able to trust her like he did before. That can be very damaging for a couple. Poor guy :( I feel awful for him!

  2. Yeah, you're probably right. That's so sad. I worked with a guy who told me his wife had cheated on him years ago, and although I can see he does love her very much, I can also see the hurt in his eyes. He also lost a lot of respect for her. So that might be the same w/Rob & Kristen. :(