Clam Chowder Anyone?

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It’s getting to be that time of year where chili, soups and stews are made to warm your bones and give you comfort. Well, I have a wonderful recipe to share with you guys. If you or anybody you know loves clam chowder. . .

Trust me.

If you make this recipe, they’ll be begging you for more. I made this last year for Kevin’s work, and they’re still talking about it to this day. In fact, one of his coworker’s asked Kevin last week, when I was going to make this clam chowder again? I told Kevin I was going to make it for my work, not his. LOL. He gave me a blank look and blinked. And then he went on about me only having five people at my work whereas at his job there are a bunch of mechanics and office staff to feed. So what he was essentially saying was: you don’t have enough people to serve a whole crockpot full of clam chowder and I do–nannernannernanner.


I’m the one who has the recipe.

I’m the one who knows how to make it.

I’m the one who has the power.

*throws back head and lets out an evil laugh*

So this recipe is not only fantastic, it’ll also give you the power to use as a bargaining chip.

"Okay, honey. I’ll make the clam chowder for you and your coworkers, only if you’ll do X, Y and Z for me."

I don’t really bribe Kevin, and I’ll make it for his work, but I could if I wanted to. :)

Here’s the Ohmyfrickingod clam chowder recipe. I found this on the internet years ago, so I can’t take credit for it.


* 4 (61/2 oz.) cans of minced clams with juice (I always use 6 cans)
* ½ lb. of bacon, diced (I use a pound)
* 1 cup of chopped onions
* 6 to 8 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed (I use 6 potatoes)
* 3 cups of water
* 3 ½ tsp. salt
* 1/4 tsp. pepper
* 4 cups half and half cream or milk (I use half and half)
* 3 to 4 tbsp. Cornstarch


Cut claims into bite-sized pieces if necessary. In a skillet, cook bacon and onions until golden brown; drain. Put into slow cooker with claims. Add all remaining ingredients, except for cream and cornstarch. Cover and cook on high 3 to 4 hours or until vegetables are tender. During the last hour of cooking, combine 1 cup of cream with the cornstarch. Add the cornstarch mixture and the remaining cream and stir well; heat through.

Tip: I boil the chopped potatoes until they’re almost soft and then I stick them into the crockpot. Otherwise, it seems to take forever to get them to cook right.

I know it’s fattening with the cream and bacon, but boy is it good. And it’s not like you eat it all the time, right? Once in the while isn’t going to hurt.

*grins and winks*