Book Review of Dark Illusions The Beginning By A.H. Browne

Dark Illusions by A.H. Browne was a good book. I enjoyed it. It’s about a race of vampires who can shapeshift into a wolf, and they’re divided into two clans–the Raaka and Runsasi. Julian is the prince of the Runsasi clan and whatever he says concerning both groups goes. He’s the most powerful of them all and enforces the law that they all live in peace among humans. The Raaka hates Julian and is determined to overthrow him so they can make up their own rules to follow.

Kat is human and not only is she strong-willed, she’s beautiful and exudes an aura that’s fetching and brimming with sex appeal. The Raaka wants her for their queen and will stop at nothing to claim her. When they begin to pursue her, she has no idea what these men want. They chase her down an alley where she comes face to face with a manlike creature wearing a preacher’s outfit. He’s hairless, has reddish black, bottomless eyes, and his long ears points at the end. His name is Kober and my favorite character in this book. He helps her and is Julian’s ally.

Knowing Julian can protect Kat, Kober decides to take her to Julian’s house. When Julian and Kat meet, they’re immediately attracted to each other. There’s a connection between them, though, Julian denies it at first. He offers Kat protection from the Raaka and has Kober watch over her while he investigates why the leader of the opposing clan is eager to capture her. He becomes mortified when he discovers they want to Awaken Kat and make her their queen. No human is allowed to be Awakened–become one of them–without Julian’s consent. It’s against their laws. But the leader of the Raaka clan is determined to do it and will stop at nothing to make Kat one of their own and to possess her like she’s his personal property.

Dark Illusions is an imaginative story. Kat is feisty and doesn’t like to be told what to do. I enjoyed her character and the hot scenes A.H. Browne wrote. I think she’s a good writer with lots of potential. The only two grips I have about this tale are Kat isn’t surprised when she discovers vampire shapeshifters exist in the shadows of humanity. If I found that out, you bet your sweet ass I’d be flabbergasted, and I’d have to reevaluate my reality. The second one is Kat’s job. When she’s kidnapped nobody at her job is alarmed by her sudden absence, and then when Kat returns to her place of employment it’s like nothing ever happened. I wish A.H. Browne had spent more time on those two details to make it more realistic. But regardless, this is a good book and worth the time to read it. In fact, I’m looking forward to the next one. So I do recommend this to readers who are into these type of stories.